Chance Me Please!

Hi there, I applied to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the U of T and I was wondering if someone could chance me? I am a US student by the way. My unweighted GPA is kind of low (3.45) as I had a rough sophomore year academically, but my ACT score is somewhat redeeming (33 composite). I have also taken 7 AP classes so far and sent in those scores. I’m currently enrolled in three others right now during my senior year (AP Human Geo, AP Lit, and AP Comparative Gov)
AP Scores:
9th grade- AP Gov (3)
10th grade- AP US History (3)
10th grade-AP Psychology (4)
11th grade-AP European History (4)
11th grade-AP Language and Composition (4)
11th grade-AP World History (5)
11th grade-AP Spanish Language and Culture (5)

Thank you!

You should get in.

UofT doesn’t like AP Scores of 3 or below, and your 3.45 seems to give you an low avg (VERY important at UofT) If you fill out the special circumstances form to provide reasoning for your sophomore grades, you might get in.

U of T won’t look at your sophomore grades at all.