Chance me please!

Race: Mixed (half black half white & Spanish)

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Straight

State: Massachusetts

SAT: I will be taking it soon, though I think I will apply test optional

GPA: UW- 3.95 W-4.3 (both will potentially higher by the time I officially submit my apps)

School: A small relatively new public charter school

Class rank: Need to check the updated ranking but around 4/100

APs: AP Lang- 3 APUSH- 4 (taking this year: APES, AP Pysch, AP Lit)
My school offers less than 10 aps and you are unable to take them freshman and sophomore year.

Additional info:
. I did have to take a couple of CP classes earlier in highschool): because they were the only classes that fit within my schedule- my grades in those classes always showed I was beyond that level of understanding.
. I’m a first generation college student
. Single parent, lower middle class income


. Lead management position(s) + other smaller positions on an online gaming community of over 300k people (question- since I help multiple positions should I list them seperately? It is really difficult to emphasize all that I did in all my positions under one activitiy)

. Animal Shelter Volunteer (during the school year) for over 5 years
- I have other volunteering activities but I think this one is the only one I will actually put on my app

.National Honor Society for past three years and National Junior Honor Society Freshman year (we do not have a president or meetings really): )

.Year book staff Senior Year (only seniors are allowed to)

. Film Club (Junior year)

.A summer@brown program last year for two weeks

Essays: Not fully completed 8.7/10

Recommendations: Ap Lang Teacher 10/10 APES & regular Environmental teacher 8.5/10

Intended major: English

Applying to:

ED: Brown (Im so extremely in love with school!!)
RD: Wellesley, Amherst, Tufts, BC & BU, Emerson, Northeastern (and I do have safety schools)

  • I believe a few people from my school over the years have applied to all of these schools previously, none accepted that I know of!

Please leave any questions or wisdom you have below! Thank you for taking your time

I would say “not safeties” and “definitely worth an application, as long as the NPC results are okay”.

Perhaps “reasonable reach” comes to mind at least for Brown and Wellesley. Some on your list I might put as “match” schools. I do not think that Emerson quite gets to “safety”, but I think that it is very likely that you will get into one or more of the last four schools on your list. Someone I know with only marginally lower stats got into two of them but that was a few years ago.

Thank you! Also sorry for the confusion, none of the schools I listed on here are my safeties. My safeties are more so umass amherst and providence college! And from what I’ve checked my NPC results have been pretty reasonable. Again, thank you.(: