Chance me please!

<p>The schools I’m looking at are UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, and UCD. Thanks!</p>

<p>GPA weighted: 4.0 (sophomore GPA wasn’t all that great, but junior year I got a 4.33 first semester and a 4.17 second semester)
SAT: 2010 (English 700, Math 580, Writing 730)
AP Euro: 3 :frowning:
AP US History: 4
AP Biology: 4
AP English Lang: 5
EC: Woodwinds captain in marching band, VP of History Club, member of Future Doctors of America, band council president
Roughly 70 hours of community service</p>

<p>I’m taking the SAT II’s in December, and I’m hoping to do decently. My only real worry right now is my sad math score and my AP scores. >:[</p>

UCSD-slight reach
UCD UCSB-match</p>

<p>UCLA: Reach
UCSD: Slight Reach/Match
UCD/UCSB: Match/Safe Match</p>