chance me please :)

<p>Hello people... i just want to prepare myself for the decision day...</p>

<p>here are my stats and others...</p>

<p>Asian/ Female</p>

<p>GPA : 3.98 UW, 4.5 W
SAT I: R630, M780, W660 (2070)
SAT II: M2C 770, BIO 730, KOR 800
TOEFL: 108</p>

1. English 1 A/A
2. Algebra 2 H A/B
3. Biology H A/A
4. Health A
5. Media Assistant A
6. PE A/A
7. Japanese 1 A/A
8. Choir A/A</p>

1. English 2 A/A
2. Trig H/Pre-calc H A/A
3. Chemistry H A/A
4. PE A/A
5. Japanese 2 A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Media Assistant A
8. Science Research A</p>

1. English 3 A/A
2. Calculus BC AP A/A
3. Biology AP A/A
4. Psychology A/A
5. Japanese 3H A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Science Research A/A</p>

1. English 4
2. Multi-variable Calculus
3. Physics C AP
4. Japanese 4
5. Choir
6. Economics AP / Government
7. Statistics AP</p>

<p>Volunteer: local hospital 1 and 1/2 years, local retirement housing 3yrs, Key club 1 yr, Drama therapy camp for autistic children summer (total 260+)</p>

<p>Leadership: founder and president of school UNICEF club, president of korean students association, secretary of japanese honor society</p>

1. played golf (private lesson) for 4 yrs
2. flute (private lesson) for about 10 yrs
3. local science fair
4. CSF for all 4 yrs
5. AP scholar
6. Japanese National Honor Society
7. Tri-M (Music Honoro Society)
8. Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
9. JSA memeber
10. Key club member
11. summer school at Northwestern (CTD)
12. Principal's Honor Roll</p>

<p>REC's good...
essay good...
i applied as econ/international relations major</p>

<p>I know my sat 1 score and extracurricular activities are weak... but please chance me...</p>

<p>i applied to UC berkeley, UCLA, USC, boston college, johns hopkins, carnegie mellon, washu (waitlisted...), tufts, brown, umich, purdue (accepted), dartmouth, duke... </p>

<p>i think i was too arrogant about picking schools... i should have applied to more safety schools than reach... anyway... please chance me</p>

<p>and NYU stern...</p>

<p>anybody...? plz....</p>

<p>Scores: not great
ECs: not great
Courses/grades: very good</p>

<p>UC berkeley - reach
UCLA - slight reach/match
USC - slight reach/match
boston college - match
johns hopkins - reach
carnegie mellon - reach
tufts - slight reach/match
brown - reach
umich - slight reach
dartmouth - reach
duke - reach</p>

<p>Don't take those with much weight. It's hard to tell with the given info and you never know what they're looking for.</p>

<p>A 1410/1600 SAT I is not weak. If you are a California resident, then you are very competitive for UCB & UCLA. You should be admitted to CMU, JHU & UMich. Your ECs are charity work & flute; and that is enough if you write an application that distinguishes yourself as a match for each school. You are in the running for all of these outstanding schools, except for Brown & Dartmouth in my opinion. Duke is tough as well. I disagree with the above poster in that CMU & JHU are match schools for you. But, even as match schools, that means a one in three chance of being admitted, although I think that your chances are much better than one in three for these schools. Teacher recs and application essays will be important. P.S. Tufts is unpredictable and highly popular--but with a 1410/1600 SAT and a 3.98/4.0 GPA you are very well qualified.</p>

<p>thanx p<em>hp</em>fan and icy9ff8 :)</p>

<p>i know i have pathetic sat.... darn....... </p>

<p>anybody else...?</p>