chance me please =)

<p>hello... i know i only have to wait about a week for the decision, but since i got rejected from the school that i thought i had a pretty good chance... so i'm worrying... please chance me... honestly and realistically.... </p>

<p>here are my stats and others...
(even though i live in california, since i don't have citizneship(visa) I count as international applicant... if that affects my chance...)</p>

<p>GPA : 3.98 UW, 4.5 W
SAT I: R630, M780, W660 (2070)
SAT II: M2C 770, BIO 730, KOR 800
TOEFL: 108</p>

1. English 1 A/A
2. Algebra 2 H A/B
3. Biology H A/A
4. Health A
5. Media Assistant A
6. PE A/A
7. Japanese 1 A/A
8. Choir A/A</p>

1. English 2 A/A
2. Trig H/Pre-calc H A/A
3. Chemistry H A/A
4. PE A/A
5. Japanese 2 A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Media Assistant A
8. Science Research A</p>

1. English 3 A/A
2. Calculus BC AP A/A
3. Biology AP A/A
4. Psychology A/A
5. Japanese 3H A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Science Research A/A</p>

1. English 4
2. Multi-variable Calculus
3. Physics C AP
4. Japanese 4
5. Choir
6. Economics AP / Government
7. Statistics AP</p>

<p>summer classes: world history A/A, us history A/A</p>

<p>Volunteer: local hospital 1 and 1/2 years, local retirement housing 3yrs, Key club 1 yr, Drama therapy camp for autistic children summer (total 260+)</p>

<p>Leadership: founder and president of school UNICEF club, president of korean students association, secretary of japanese honor society</p>

1. played golf (private lesson) for 4 yrs
2. flute (private lesson) for about 10 yrs
3. local science fair
4. CSF for all 4 yrs
5. AP scholar
6. Japanese National Honor Society
7. Tri-M (Music Honoro Society)
8. Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
9. JSA memeber
10. Key club member
11. Summer camp at Northwestern University (CTD)</p>

<p>REC's good...
essay pretty good...</p>

<p>I know my sat 1 score and extracurricular activities are weak... but please chance me...</p>

<p>i applied to tepper as an international</p>

<p>I don't know what A/A means. You seem like an impressive applicant. If admissions made sense, I'd give you a 9/10, but because they're frequently a bit random and mysterious, maybe a 7/10.</p>

<p>where were u rejected from???</p>

<p>ceroper: sorry about ambiguity... A/A meaning i got A in both first and second semester... is that clearer?</p>

<p>quag_mire: i got rejected from ucla... i thought i had pretty good chance for ucla... well maybe i was too arrogant... so now i'm really nervous...</p>

<p>how u got rejected from UCLA? did u ask for financial aid? i can't believe UCLA would reject you....</p>

<p>noway... i would never ask for a financial aid.... especially to uc's... i'm already an international student... why would i want to lower my chance... </p>

<p>do u think i have chance for carnegie mellon tepper...?</p>

<p>sure man, but i guess ur SAT verbal is kinda low....I'd say you'd get in at Tepper for sure cuz ur international, and not asking for aid...i've heard they take a lotta internationals with relatively low verbal scores but high math scores</p>

<p>ya... that's why i took toefl... to compensate my low verbal score...
i hope that's true =) and thanx for paying attention to my thread</p>

<p>well i hope they kinda realize that i'm more math oriented kid who wanna major in business.. cause i heard nowadays... business field requires intensive math skills.</p>

<p>anyways... i kinda have to wait little more... :)</p>

<p>I disagree that internationals are preferred over Citizens. In my opinion, the opposite is true. Tepper is trying to become more well-rounded and the high Math score thing only really works at CS (where a large % of accepted students had a 800 in Math). However, you have a chance depending on the amount of internationals applying and how the rest of your application is portrayed.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>anybody else..? bump...</p>