chance me please

<p>high school junior

Orchestra- A (4.0)
Health- B+ (3.3)
P.E- A (4.0)
Honors French 2- B (3.0) (.05)
Honors Geometry- B (3.0) (.05)
Honors English 9- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors World History- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Biology- A- (3.7) (.05)
UW GPA- 3.6
W GPA- 3.85 (3.9)</p>

<p>Orchestra- A (4.0)
P.E- A (4.0)
Honors English- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Modern World History- B- (2.7) (.05)
Honors Civics- A (4.0)
Honors Algebra 2- B- (2.7) (.05)
Honors Chemistry- B- (2.7) (.05)
Honors French 3- A (4.0) (.05)
UW GPA- 3.5
W GPA- 3.75 (3.8)</p>

<p>Junior year so far
Orchestra- A (4.0)
Honors French 4- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Physics- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Pre-Calculus- A (4.0) (.07)
A.P English 11- A (4.0) (.07)
A.P U.S History- A (4.0) (.07)
A.P Environmental Science- A (4.0) (.07)
UW GPA- 4.0
W GPA- 4.4</p>

<p>Next year:
A.P Psychology
A.P Statistics
A.P English 12
A.P European History
A.P French

<p>Sat II Bio- 700</p>

Violin since the 4th grade
Westword- Since 10th grade
Special Page Editor
Project Music- Since 9th grade
Youth Group- This year
Interact- Since 10th
Building with Books- Since 10th
National Honors Society- This year
Tri-M- This Year</p>

Stepping Stones Children’s Museum- 150 hrs (2006-2007)
Ferguson Library- 23 hrs (2005) 30 (2006)
Soup Kitchen- 12 hrs
Church- 6 hrs
Temple - 10hrs
Organized a toy donation for St. Luke’s Children in 2004 (Collected over 100 toys for kids)
Silver Presidents Volunteer Award for the year of 2006-2007 for volunteering over 150 hours.</p>

National Youth Leadership Conference- Summery of 2008
Let’s Get Ready SAT Prep- Summer of 2007, 2008
Y.E.S I Can/A.M.B.Y.S.E.E Program at UCONN- Summer of 2007, 2008
National Soociety of High School Scholars- 2007, 2008
Columbia Journalism Conference 2007, 2008</p>

<p>Passions- Volunteering, Violin, Writing</p>

<p>Spanish (Puerto Rican)
Fluent in French</p>

<p>I'm also a pretty strong writer so the essays will hopefully be strong</p>

<p>by the way from s public high school in ct and theres about 600 people in my class.</p>

<p>Kind of need your SAT/ACT scores and class rank would help too. Howeve from the look of your resume so far, I'd say you have a very solid chance if your SAT score range is 1280-1450.</p>

<p>wait till you take your sats before you post chance threads. honestly. and at that rate, wait till senior year.</p>

<p>Thanks...unfortunately we don't find out our rank until june of our junior year, but while I was picking my courses for next yr. my guidance counselor told me i was definitely in the top 10% of the class.</p>

<p>I did take the sat II bio and got a 700. srry I forgot to add that!</p>

<p>No. It's included in your resume but I really need your SAT I/ACT score to make an accurate assumption.</p>

<p>Oh, well I'm waiting until May 3rd to take the SATs, on my psats i got, i could have been a few pt higher or lower.</p>

<p>But who knows what will happen when I take the sats, but thanks for the advice.</p>