Chance Me Please

(UW) - 3.8
(W) - 3.8
The UW and W GPA are the same because my school doesn't offer AP courses until grade 12. In grade 12 I will be taking around 4-6 AP classes.</p>

<p>Sat Scores: 2100</p>

<p>Sat II: Haven't done yet.</p>

<p>Extra Curricular's:
- Various sports I have been doing for 5+ yrs
- Volunteering in 2 hospitals - over 100 hours
- Jazz Band
- Indian Dance</p>

- Honor Roll
- Most Dedicated Athlete - Cross Country Award
- Grade Level Winner of School Wide Speech Contest
- National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine</p>

- Essays / Rec - Excellent</p>

<p>Addition Info:
The reason my GPA is not a 4.0 is because of elective classes like band and art, not because of major classes. I am not sure if universities will take this into account. Also, my school does not have any +'s or -'s.</p>

<p>Chance Me For:
- Stanford
- University of British Columbia
- University of Toronto
- University of Washington (In State)
- UC Berkeley / UCLA
- University of Chicago
- WashU
- John Hopkins
- Northwestern</p>

<p>Also, what other colleges do you think I am am qualified for? Is it worth applying to ivy league? Also, all other suggestions are appreciated.</p>

<p>I REALLY DONT UNDERSTANd WHY EVERYONE IS IGNORING YOUR THREAD. I GUESS THEY THINK THEY'RE TO GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY'RE SO SMART! but i think you have an excellent resume, just make sure your essay's are good. And you might want to make sure you include your sports are your admissions, did you letter in any sports? that will look really good, it would compliment everything else you have and make you more rounded.</p>

<p>sweet, thx for the reply. appreciate more comments as well =)</p>

<p>Stanford - Reject
UBC - Match
UoT - Match
UW - Match</p>

<p>not sure about the rest</p>