Chance Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!

<p>im a junior 16.
top 10% of graduating class
Recieved letter that holds my spot in lower uc schools
Honor Roll student</p>

<p>Cumilitive Gpa
3.4 UW 3.7 WGPA</p>

<p>IB classes taken:
IB us history
IB English
IB Pyschology
IB Theory of Knowledge</p>

<p>Ap classes:
Ap art history
Ap world history</p>

<p>Foreign language - French 3 years Spanish 1 year</p>

<p>sat Reasoning: 1730</p>

<p>work exp.
100 hours of community service
I help out in random charity events, so I have good experience in leadership
should I intern? Would getting a job over the summer increase my chances?? I heard that it does.........</p>

3 years Varsity CSF Champion on badminton team
3 years Paintball Team Co-Captain played in tournaments</p>

Rising star award - rookie year
Most improved doubles- 2nd year
National Honor Roll award</p>

Martial arts Club
CSF - Vice President and secretary
IB Club
Key Club- Active member
national honor society</p>

<p>My essay for college will be about how my badminton team seemed hopeless after all seniors left. Worked hard, countless hours, and training allowed the team to almost win CIF championship. There were alot of struggles</p>

<p>what are my chances at
uc riverside
uc irvine
uc davis
UC berkeley
uc santa barbra

<p>Can you guys give me percentage of acceptance. Also in state resident
Thank you</p>

<p>University</a> of California: StatFinder I found this site to be really useful to kind of figure out your can see actual percentage of acceptance rates according to gpa sat school etc.</p>