Chance me please :)

<p>I was wondering if I had a chance and whether I should try EDII or RD (What are the acceptance rates for EDII and RD anyway?).</p>


<p>soph and junior GPA- unweighted: 3.52 but weighted: 4.02 (Is there a possibility that they will look at first semester senior grades because I am improving by a lot?)
School: public school in California (within top 50 in nation) ==> competitive and so no class rank given
ACT: 31</p>

<p>Since Soph year:
APs: tests taken: 5 to be taken: 7
Honors (not counting APs): taken: 6 taking now: 1</p>

<p>SAT II- math 2:750 bio: 720 us history: 720</p>

-school honor society (vice president)
-California Scholarship Federation (tutoring-Tutor of the Year, honor society)
-Medical Explorers Club (treasurer)
-varsity swimmer (and outside club swimming)
-school symphony orchestra (co-concertmaster)</p>

<p>Volunteer (approx. 600 hours):
-swim instructor
-UCSF medical center volunteer</p>