Chance me please?

<p>Indian Male
SAT scores 2340/2400
800 math
800 writing
740 CR</p>

<p>800 Math subject test
800 Physics subject test</p>

<p>240 on PSAT, national merit finalist</p>

<p>96.2 unweighted GPA
Weighted is something around a 110 right now.
20 in a class of 620 (hoping to move up a bit still) </p>

Marching and Concert Band 4 years
Band Treasurer for sophomore and junior years
Band president senior year
Band drill leader junior and senior years
All district saxophone player 10, 11, 12th
Division I at state in a solo and ensemble
While in band helped run a service project to feed underprivileged families on Thanksgiving
Played piano for ten years
Play the tabla (indian drum) for 5 years
Organized and ran a service project to raise money for Tsunami relief after the Tsunami in 2005
Organized and ran a service project to raise money for a school in India. I've done this project every year since 9th grade.
JV tennis team 9th grade
Member of NHS
Member of Mu Alpha Theta
Member of Model UN</p>

Worked as a tutor
Given saxophone lessons</p>

<p>I'm applying to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, UPenn, Northwestern, and Duke
If it means anything at all, my sister went to Dartmouth.

<p>Bump. anybody?</p>

<p>You shoul have a great shot! Your e/c's are great especially the tsunami relief work, its great that you did that! The only constructive critisism I would offer is that you seem to be lacking leadership that will set you apart from all the other kids applying. Your stats and GPA are great otherwise. The fact that you are a legacy at Dartmouth will help you there. I think you have a good shot at those schools. Please chance me back!!!!<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You should have great shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

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<p>wow my fellow indian great ecs you seem like a match for all of them good luck</p>

<p>chance me please
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You have the leadership, the ECs, the scores, and (hopefully) the personality to get into any of those schools. But it's a crapshoot for the Ivies, unfortunately, so you might want to think about raising that rank. However, you're an outstanding applicant, so getting into college is only a gamble for HPYSM (and I noticed you have all except for MIT). Also, I know that Harvard requires 3 SAT II subject tests. Given your perfect grades in the ones you already took, I would imagine that you'll do just as well whatever other test you decide to take. Now, on to the chancing. </p>

<p>On a scale of 1-10 (1 the lowest, 10 the highest): </p>

<p>Harvard: 5.5
Princeton: 5.5
Yale: 6.5
Stanford: 5.5
Dartmouth: 7 (this is contingent upon the strength of your essay)
Brown: 7
Columbia: 7
UPenn: 7.5
Northwestern: 9.5
Duke: 9.5</p>

<p>My predictions may seem a little dour (HPYS) or a little too optimistic (Columbia, UPenn, Duke), but I think that you should have a fair chance at any of those schools. In your case, it'll boil down to the content and quality of your essay, and not much else.</p>

<p>Please chance back!
Chance</a> an AA Female for Georgetown, American, Howard, Hamptons, UChicago, and others</p>