Chance me, please?

<p>Hey there!<br>
I'm a bit nervous... Please be gentle!</p>

<p>Applying/Applied regular decision to:
NYU (Not Tisch!)
Boston U
Sarah Lawrence
Eugene Lang</p>

<p>Background info:
My first three years of school were spent at a private international school. I am currently attending my senior year at an arts-focused magnet school, and am enrolled in the Literary Arts program. I hope to study creative writing in college as well. </p>

Unweighted - 3.54
Weighted ~ 3.7 </p>

<p>Math - 4 years
Science - 4 years
English - 4.5 years
Social Science - Plethora of credits
Language - 3 years
Misc. - (Literary Arts, Creative Writing Internship, Drama)</p>

<p>International Travel (received field studies credits):
- Two months on a five-hundred mile trek across Spain
- Two months in the Yucatan (Guatemala and Mexico)</p>

<p>SAT Cumulative: 1900
CR - 690
Math - 510 (I tried, I really did!)
Writing - 700</p>

Human Geography - 5
English Lit - 3
Psychology - 4
Art History - TBD</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
- Two years of drama club, a lead role in "Grease"
- Light Board Operator for another play production
- Contributor to the school newspaper
- Active member of Gay-Straight Alliance</p>

Summer internship at Public Library
Customer Service
Bookstore Assistant</p>

<p>My teachers are amazing, and I have two really stellar recommendations.
I never got to see my counselor recommendation, but she's very supportive!</p>

<p>Although I am not so certain when it comes to my GPA and SAT, I am very confident in my essays. I took a bit of a risk for my common application essay, but both my English teacher and Creative writing teacher edited and approved it enthusiastically. I really love my essay, I'm just nervous about everything else! I know it's all out of my control, but I can't stop over analyzing. :(</p>

<p>Thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this. Any input is greatly appreciated, but please don't be mean! I have enough anxiety as it is, haha.</p>

Also, I forgot to mention that I am an Asian female!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for chancing me :)</p>

<p>and, wow! I'm not exactly the person to be asking for chancing, but your stats are very impressive! I'd say that your risk-taking on your essay is a very good thing! Your GPA (like mine) isn't the highest, but you seem to have a lot of outstanding ECs. I can't really gauge your matches, but you seem pretty solid, especially for Boston U. Sorry if I am being very unhelpful, I'm trying :)!</p>

<p>I'm also looking at Sarah Lawrence, it sounds amazing! I've talked to a few peers about it, and no one seems to have heard about SL, which seems a little surprising to me! </p>

<p>Good luck with all your applications! Don't be nervous!</p>