Chance me please :)

<p>HS GPA: 3.5 (4.0 weighted)
ACT score: 32 composite, 10 out of 12 on writing (Taking it again, hopefully will score higher)
PSAT: 180</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: Track (not varsity) for 4 years, Diversity club for 2 years, Bowling club (I don't know if colleges care about that) for 4 years, Tech Crew for 2 years, National Honors Society member, And the Robotics team for 1 year.</p>

<p>Junior Year: AP Lang./Comp. and AP U.S. history
Senior Year: Will be taking AB calc., AP US Government, and AP Bio</p>

<p>-I've had a fairly heavy course load throughout high school. AP/Honors classes every year.</p>

<p>-I also have about 30 hours of Community Service and did a summer program at Michigan last summer.
-My mom lives an hour and a half away from my High School and we drive there every morning and drive home every afternoon. (I kinda worked this into my essay, not real substantial but was a bit of a hindrance at times)
-2 of my Uncles, 2 of my Aunts, my Dad, and my Grandfather went to U of M.
-I am a Michigan resident.
-I've been playing guitar for 3 years. It's just a hobby and haven't really done anything with it, I doubt Michigan will really care about it.</p>

<p>Michigan (LSA)- My "big ticket college", Plan on doing Early response with them, really worried my GPA will be the death of my acceptance there.
Michigan State

<p>Any comments on my chances will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. I'll do my best to chance you back!</p>

<p>Also please be as brutally honest as necessary, I don't want any sugar coating.</p>

<p>Michigan is a slight reach because although you're GPA isn't too hot, you're ACT is fairly good, you've got decent ECs and you're legacy/residency will definitely help</p>

<p>I think you're solid for Michigan State, but I don't know enough about the other colleges to make an assesment</p>

<p>Yea, your legacy most likely help you. The admissions team might understand if they see how heavy your course load was. Improve you SAT and i think you're pretty much set for Michigan State.</p>

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<p>Legacy will probably help you. Not very familiar with ACT, but if the PSAT is any indicator, it wouldn't hurt to improve SAT/ACT a bit... </p>

<p>Um... now to be brutally honest (uh oh... close your eyes...actually... it's not that bad...)
well... in my school... your course load isn't... a lot... so I guess it's all relative, are you taking advantage of as many APs that your school offers?? If you are, then it's not a prob. All colleges get a list of the courses your school offers, but since I don't know what your school offers, I can only compare it to what my school offers...</p>

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<p>I think my school offers somewhere in the neighborhood of the high teen low twenties when it comes to APs.</p>

<p>Freshman Year- Honors Bio
Sophomore Year- Honors English and History
Junior Year- AP US History, AP English Language & Honors Spanish 4
Senior Year- AB Calculus, Some AP English class (haven't decided on it yet), AP Bio And AP gov.</p>

<p>Also if it matters much my GPA has seen an upward trend.</p>

<p>Also a 32 ACT translates into about a 2100 SAT, I messed up on the PSAT :P.</p>

<p>Your ACT is good, and 6 AP out of what your school offers is pretty good. I'd say you have a pretty good chance. Good Luck!!</p>

<p>i take that back about your GPA. I missed the 4.0 part and it's pretty solid, to say the least.</p>

<p>id say match to slight tiny reach </p>

<p>chance me back please
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