Chance Me Please

<p>Ok, I'm a Junior in North Carolina looking at mechanical(or other) engineering. I plan on applying to GT, VT, NCSU, and Clemson. If you could chance me and/or recommend other places for me to consider that would be great.</p>

<p>White, go to competitive private high school; I skipped a grade if that matters</p>

800 math
700 critical reading
730 writing

33 composite on practice</p>

<p>No SAT II's yet, but probably PHysics and Math L2</p>

Weighted-4.82(Honors plus 1 point, AP plus 2 points)</p>

<p>Freshman Year- 1 B+ in HOnors Bio; A in Honors Alg II/Trig; 5 A's/A+'s in regulars</p>

<p>Sophomore- 1 B+ in Honors Chem; A in HOnors Pre-Cal, Honors English, Honors European History; A's/A+'s in 3 regulars</p>

<p>Junior- B in AP English; B+ in AP US History, AP BC Calc; A+ HOnors Physics, A+ Honors Latin III, A+ HOnors Theology, A+ HOnors Elective(S1-Accounting, S2-Marketing)</p>

<p>Senior- Will take AP Calc III, AP BIO, AP Latin, AP Stat, Honors Econ/Gov't, Honors English, Honors Theology</p>

<p>Class Rank as of now
20/301 (6-7%)</p>

JV Soccer 9,10
Varsity Soccer 12 (coach told me I would be on the team)
Latin Club 10,11,(officer most likely in 12)
NHS 11(marshal),12
Volunteer Assistant COach for middle school soccer team 11
Church Volunteer (set up and run technological aspects of services) since 6th grade
Multiple Service Retreats with School
Club SOccer 9-12
Pioneers Summer Program (per invitation) Soccer Overseas to Spain and France with select players from my league
Rec Basketball (for fun) 10-12
National Merit (commended most likely for 210 in NC)
Jobs: Soccer Referee 9-12, Summer Job as School-Run Soccer Camp Counselor 10,11</p>

<p>Thanks alot, I'll chance back</p>

<p>I think you're all set for Clemson definitely, should get an academic scholarship and admission to honors college as well.</p>

<p>Thanks man</p>

<p>GT - match. Ish.</p>

<p>I think you'll be fine at the other two. Can you afford GT out of pocket, or will you need merit aid?</p>

<p>Most likely I will need aid but my familys still well off so can I get it?</p>

<p>You will probably not get need-based aid at GT, being an OOS student.</p>

<p>Georgia</a> Institute of Technology :: Financial Aid :: Scholarships <-- look through this for scholarship information.</p>

<p>The major merit program at GT is the Presidential Scholars program. I don't think you'll get that, honestly, although I could be wrong. Definitely apply, but don't expect anything, and have some schools you know will give you aid.</p>

<p>Other engineering schools are Rose-Hulman, Rensslaer, and Case Western for privates; Purdue, UMich, UIUC, and UT-Austin for publics, although again the OOS publics will not have very much aid to give. If you need a merit aid school, Alabama and Auburn will be very generous. For more reachy schools...Cooper Union, Olin, Harvey Mudd, and of course Stanford, MIT, etc. (Cooper Union is tuition-free; Olin is at half-tuition temporarily due to the recession.)</p>

<p>GT - match
VT - match
NCSU - match
Clemson - in</p>

<p>You should apply to UNC and UVA.</p>

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<p>Definitely a match for all. good luck!</p>

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<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>bump again...</p>

<p>Wow I think you could get in to any of those, and I think they're all matches too.</p>

<p>Help me out :)</p>

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<p>Turns out i scored a 800 math, 740 critical reading, and 780 writing. 1540/2320</p>

<p>I'd say you're in all of them. </p>

<p>You're in NCSU's honors program too, if you can write a semi-decent essay. It's a really good program, I'd suggest looking into it.</p>

<p>^Yes, you have a very good chance at all of them. In fact, if I was you, I would possibly consider them as safeties.</p>

<p>I'm thinking of applying to NCSU as well. Is their application similar to GT's where you apply online (no common app), you enter your own grades in, and you have no teacher/guidance recs?</p>