Chance Me Please :))

<p>I am currently a junior in hs. My unweighted gpa currently is around 3.5. I took the SAT and got 1790 but I definitely going to take it one more time hoping to get more than 1850. Math and Critical Reading- 1190. I took AP World History and got a 4 and took AP STATS AND AP PHYSICS B this year. I took also the sat bio with a 720 on it. Took SAT US History, Math 1, and Physics this year. I do a decent amount of extracurriculars and volunteering mostly church related and in nursing homes and library. I'm also part of the school band and marching band. I plan to work during the summer and senior year. Based on my stats where do I fall. Also I wanted to know more about the major of psychobiology and how hard is it compared to biology major. Thankkkkkkkksssssssss!</p>

<p>Based on what I have heard thus far about this year, your stats are a little low. GPA is okay (maybe on the lower end... but fine), but if I were you, I'd try to get my SATs up. M/CR at maybe above a 1270 or so. Maybe a 1900 altogether (maybe a 2000 if that isn't pushing it too much for you). </p>

<p>I was accepted this year with a 3.5 and a 2140. Based on the stats of my peers, I really think it was the SATs that pushed me into the admit column.</p>

<p>Thanks and congrats nervoussenior10. Im trying to get my sat up but maybe by 100 points max based on practice tests. I took practice ACTs and I got a 27, 28. What would be a good ACT score to have for binghamton.</p>

<p>Your GPA sticks out as below average in my opinion. I got in with a 1300+ (M&CR) although I know know kids who got 1250's and got in. So I'd shoot for at least a 1200 since you also have the SATIIs to back them up (which I never took). Your SAT scores will jump on your second try though, cause then you'll probably understand exactly how the test is rigged.
Considering that you're a junior, you still got a year to pack on the honors/AP/IB courses but assuming you don't crash and burn senior year...You're probably in. I want to say my stats were slightly less and I got in. I also had the edge however of living in the area and it's pretty well known that Binghamton wants to keep the younger generation around...whether it be HS graduates or even the college grads.</p>

<p>thanks atlanticjumper- do you know how much you need on average for the ACT because I think I can do better on that based on practice tests. Also do you know anything about the pyschobiology major.</p>

<p>According the College Board, the average ACT is between 27 and 30...but I personally did not take them so I wouldn't know from personal exp.
Psychobiology I have no clue...However it took me less than 2 minutes to find this link
Psychobiology</a> at Binghamton on their website, which looks like it would have lots of informative stuff.</p>

<p>cool, thanks!</p>

<p>I was accepted into SUNY Binghamton (for Fall 2010) with:
1380 SAT( 750 Math, 630 Verbal) and 670 Writing..
SAT Math 1 Subject Test- 750
SAT Math 2 Subject Test- 780
SAT Chemistry- 800
My GPA was very high(Roughly a 3.8).
I took two AP classes as a junior (AP Statistics and AP Chemistry)
- On Statistics I scored a 4
-On Chemistry I scored a 5</p>

<p>I didn't take any honors english or history courses.
My Essays- Meh...could have been more meaningful </p>

<p>Good Luck</p>

mm hmm, those are the stats that you should be getting. However, you cant do much about your GPA since you're already a junior, but I would get your Math and CR SAT up to 1380. Dont worry about the writing, since they dont look at it at all. Also, dont worry about the SATII's since they dont use it at all.</p>