Chance me please!

<p>Unweighted: 3.78
Weighted: 4.626
Rank: 6th out of 239, top 3%
SAT I's: 700M 690CR 700W</p>

<p>I'm a Junior right now in the IB Program and taking the most rigorous workload possible at my school.</p>

<p>9th grade: Pre IB World History and BIo, Alg II/Trig was a weighted/advanced math course, and Adv English 9 was weighted/
10th grade: AP Gov, AP Euro, and Math Analysis/Pre-Calc, Anatomy, Adv. English 10, French IV were all weighted/honors/advanced, and I took AP Art History through a statewide system, giving me an extra credit/class during the school year, so I had 9 credits ( I took gym over the summer) rather than the regular 7.
11th: IB classes for all core classes, french, and theory of knowledge, took AP Psych as an elective, and AP Human Geography online for an extra credit.</p>

Marching Band, Wind Ensemble (9,10,11)
Various clarinet/band honors, including District band, regional orchestra, and state band.
Solo and Ensemble superior rating, private lessons for clarinet
and I'm going to be in the Young Artists Wind Ensemble at the Tanglewood Institute this summer.
I'm going to be a delegate at Girls State this summer as well.
SCA (10, 11) 10th grade I was the historian, 11th grade Advisory Board, and for 12th grade I am going to be Treasurer.
Tri-M (10,11) President for both years, starting with the formation of the new chapter.
International Activism Club (9,10,11) various officer positions and fundraising for different global charities
French Club/FNHS (9,10,11) various officer positions
Asian Club (9,10, 11) Secretary for 11th grade
Track and Field (9) 2 varsity letters for spring and winter track.
Volunteering at the library ver the summer (9,10,11)
Volunteered at the NASA child development center summer of my 11th grade year and taught Chinese
Various Science Fair awards at county and regional levels 10th and 11th grade, participated in State Science fair both times, and won Yale Science and ENgineering Award my 11th grade year at regional science fair.
Academic Challenge Team (JV 9,10, Varsity 11) </p>

<p>The schools I want to apply to are:
William and Mary
Virginia Tech
Mt. Holyoke
Boston University

<p>It'd be great if some people can give me an idea of where I stand!</p>

<p>damn as far as i can ell the only ones that you would have actual trouble getting into are yale and brown, the rest I would say are a in for you as far as I can tell. The only reason I would say that you would not get into yale and brown are just cause you have choosen quiet possibly two of the hardest schools in the country, and they pick almost solely to create a "Class" but definantly apply.</p>

<p>also a 4.6 is amazing</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot all but the last two. Your SATs are a little low for Yale and Brown, and getting a few points higher would definitely improve your chances at all... but I am pretty sure you can get into most of your list! :)</p>

<p>Thanks a lot you guys!</p>

<p>bump pl0x?</p>