Chance Me please

<p>Hi, I am about to be a senior and I am trying to get an idea of where I should be applying for the next year so anything could help.</p>

<p>African-American female from Maryland
3.64 gpa unweighted 4.08 weighted
1590 SAT (I know horrible, but I'm working on getting it up!)
1 AP Exam taken Government and got a 3, just took 3 exams this year and I am taking 4 AP classes next year
EC's- NHS, President of National English Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, secretary of Key Club, Vice-President of Model United Nations, SGA, Golf, Poms (dance), I also volunteer for a local elementary school and have been doing so for the past 6 years.
275 community service hours</p>

<p>I would really appreciate any ideas of good schools in my league and also options that would be possible to me if I were to improve my SAT scores. </p>


<p>I'm not sure about IVY leagues because you have to be very smart for that. 4.0s and above. 5s and some 4s on all ap exams. and 2000+ SAT. you can always think about the UC's. i think you could have a chance at UC Riverside or UC Merced. just try to improve your SAT score!!! for the next AP exams try to score at least 4s and aim for those 5s!! were you confident on the 3 exams you just took? try taking SAT subject tests and get good scores on them. their chances that can make your app look good. your extracurricular activities are good but your grades are weighing you down.</p>


<p>your SAT is too low, bring it to around 1900 and you would have many more options</p>

<p>thanks for the help so far! </p>

<p>any other ideas?</p>

<p>so I got the latest results on my SAT and in total I got a 1740, does that increase my chances to any places?</p>

<p>cnt hurt of course!!</p>