Chance Me Please?!?!

<p>I'm a rising junior and I wanted to get an idea of what my chances were at the following schools. My intended major for most of the schools would be poli. sci. or econ. :
-Cornell-ILR, UPenn-Wharton, NYU-Stern, UChicago, Wash U, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Yale
I realize that these are all big reach schools, but I wanted to see if they were worth going for an applicant with my stats.</p>

<p>Here are my stats-
-GPA:unweighted 94-95 (In that range)
-Have completed AP Econ, AP Euro, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Bio
-SAT I Superscore: CR/M/W: 710/770/800
-SAT II: Math iic/Bio/US: 760/730/730
1) DECA-Nationals Finalist, 3x National Participant,3x State Winner
-Regional and Chapter DECA President
2) Tennis-Team Captain; 4 years Varsity Tennis singles player
3) Model UN-Officer and Commitee Chair Leader;Outstanding Delegate (2010), Honorable Mention (2009);4 years involvement
4) Music-4 years Saxophone Wind Ensemble/Jazz Ensemble
-Indian Classical Music Sitar for 6 years
(I could list more for extracurriculars, but these are the ones I'm deeply involved in)
Most likely will be National Merit Finalist, Williams College Book Award, DECA National Event Finalist, PTSA Business Incentive Award, Scholar Athlete Tennis Award
Pittsford Youth Court (panelist to help delinquent youth in our area), LPGA Golf Volunteer, Tutoring Club etc.
Did an accredited Law Internship with a family law lawyer
Doing an internship at senator's office this summer</p>

<p>Thanks :)
If anyone wants me to chance them back I would be happy to.</p>