chance me please

<p>ACT :34
SAT : 2190
SAT Math : 800
SAT Lit: 720
SAT Chem: 670
SAt Physics: 650</p>

<p>W GPA 4.0
UW GPA : 3.26 was 3.5
heaviest course load, strong top notch school district
AP Scholar
Math Honor Society
national merit commended
Varsity Golf, water polo, tennis
Excellent recs,
internships, summer volunteering and extracirriculars all tremendous
looking at</p>

<p>carnegie mellon..ed?? most others early action
georgia inst of tech
univ of michigan
renassalear polytech
cooper union
stevens inst ot tech
northwestern.. ed??
nyu cas or stern
john hopkins
washu st louis
harvey mudd
darthmouth( explanation of downward trend in grades)
olin school of engineering
rose hullman
virginia polytech
univ of texas -austin
uc -berkeley
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign</p>

boston u
penn state
notre dame</p>

<p>essays should be amazing..</p>

<p>"strong top notch school district," "Excellent recs," "internships, summer volunteering and extracirriculars all tremendous," "essays should be amazing.."</p>

<p>Seems to me like you don't need any advice on whether or not you'll get in.</p>

<p>^agree. Sounds like OP already knows he is getting in. So just apply and see what happens, worst that can happen is they say no.</p>

<p>Rose-Hulman is a definite. CWRU would be too if you applied. I guess Fordham, USC, Rutgers, Stevens, and Villanova would be probable. I doubt you'll be applying to all 30+ though.
Tip: Learn to spell Dartmouth College correctly (no h). And I can't spell Rensselaer either so I just write RPI.</p>

<p>He has a 3.26 GPA... Sounds far from certain that he's getting into a lot of those schools, I don't think his chances are good at all for Michigan, and that's far from the most selective school he listed.</p>

<p>^that's unweighted. but yeah, I was thinking I read 3.5, so that's the biggest problem.</p>

<p>i never understood these things "Chance Me"s. whats the point since there are other factors that schools look at? One person's opinion doesnt necessarily mean that you will/wont get into that particular school</p>

<p>I will choose 12 from the list, any schools which i definitely should not apply too.
i just typed really fast...
thanks everyone</p>

<p>Definitely don't apply to Harvey Mudd, UCB, or Olin.</p>

<p>^ is harvey mudd so bad? just wondering</p>

<p>Im sorry - how are Notre Dame and Lehigh safeties? As far as I recall, the acceptance rates for those two schools are in the 20s... Plus, the sheer amount of money spent purely on app fees... It sounds like you looked at a US News Ranking list and selected a bunch of colleges that were listed on top schools. Plus, why post on an engineering forum - most people here want help on their problems dealing with specifically engineering.</p>

<p>Specify your list to something that is more manageable to deal with and go to the chance me forum....</p>

<p>"Definitely don't apply to Harvey Mudd, UCB, or Olin. "</p>

<p>"^ is harvey mudd so bad? just wondering "</p>

<p>He said this because he doesn't think you'll get in... Harvey Mudd is far from bad.</p>

<p>oh, thought maybe it was something else, not academics but just students. Like if it's good to go to such a school, I heard it was a bit too intense and I didn't want to go there.</p>

<p>I'm not the OP, just casually wondering.</p>

<p>Yes, I mentioned those schools because the OP really have 0 chance of getting into them. I'd also CMU, UMich, Cooper Union, USC, Northwestern, NYU, JHU, Emory, and Dartmouth are probably out of his league, and I'm only mentioning those because I'm unsure about the others, not because I think he's good for any of those either.</p>