Chance me please!

<p>3.125 w/ soph-jun GPA.
2060 SAT
640 US History
580 Math II (terrible)
86th best high school in the states (if that means anything)</p>

<p>Model UN Distinguished Delegate
Model UN Exceptional Delegate
Honorable Mention for an AIDs/HIV awareness foundation (photograph)
3 years of swimming
2 years of waterpolo
Senior class social secretary</p>

<p>200+ community service hours
Eagle Scout w/:
~Bronze Palm
~Gold Palm
~Order of the Arrow
~SPL for 6 months
Member of Search and Rescue
Some other stuff that i'm forgetting but will add later</p>

<p>Pretty low gpa but I took some pretty hard classes and my schools highly rated.
Anyhow, what are my chances at:
Calpoly SLO
University of Denver

<p>I think you have a good chance of getting into BU, BC, and Univeristy of Denver but you should try to bring your SAT2 scores up a little and maybe even your SAT 1. I guess if you're school is as great as you say it is then you'll be fine for the GPA although its kinda low. The UC schools are way harder to get into if you are out of state so if your from CA then your fine, but if not then those are definitely reaches. </p>

<p>P.S. you should go answer my chance me thread! please!!</p>

<p>The biggest thing bringing down your app is your GPA. it's a little bit low, but you should be able to get into Calpoly SLO. and if you bring up your SAT scores you should have a shot a some of the lower UCs.</p>

<p>Alright I know I kind of screwed myself by not trying very hard soph and jun year. However, does senior year 1st semester grades influence the admit process at all, like are they used in any calculations or is it too late by that point?
Thanks for the input though. It's still depressing to realize that I blew it this last year</p>