Chance Me Please!

<p>Hello, Northeastern University if my First Choice school and I want to get in for the business program. What are my chances?</p>

<p>Major - Business Administration with Finance </p>

<p>My SAT is a 1750
Math - 600
Reading - 600
Writing - 550</p>

<p>Weighted GPA - 4.05</p>

<p>I am part of the National Honor Society.
I have had an internship for around 130 hours in a Accounting/Finance Firm.
I am Varsity Captain for the track team been on the varsity team for 3 years.
Volunteered at the hospital and library and temple for a total of around 150 hours.
Have been on the Honor Roll since Grade 9.
Part of Key Club, Future Business Leaders of America Club, History Club.<br>
Achieved several Varsity Letters.
Have a total of 10 honors classes and 2 AP's.
Tuition is going to be paid in check/cash - no loans.</p>

<p>Burning Desire to get into this school!</p>

<p>try to get your SAT math 700+ and apply early</p>