Chance me PLEASE

<p>Hey guys! :)</p>

<p>Im currently an upcoming senior</p>

<p>Freshmen Classes:
World History, World Lit., Geometry, Spanish 2, Concert Band (played drums, but hated it and quit after 1st sem), health, Earth Science</p>

AP US History, American Lit, Alg 2, Spanish 3, Honors Biology, Computer Prog 1 & 2, </p>

AP Calculus AB, AP Gov, AP Microecon, AP macroecon, AP Computer Science, Chemistry, Adv composition and honors debate
**I got a C+ in AP Computer Science :( hopefully my only one</p>

<p>Senior: (Pending)
AP Calc BC, AP prob and stat, Honors Physics, blk and white photo, maybe AP Psych or dual enrollment (which one should i do?), and maybe independent study for AP CHem bc my school doesnt have it and I love chemistry...</p>

<p>ACT 31 composite:
33 in English
36 in math
33 in science
20 in reading, but i have had a 24,27, and a 29 before... i dont know what happened on the test ;(</p>

<p>No SAT or subject tests.... maybe i should do Math 2... but when???</p>

Debate since freshmen year (now a captain)
Science Olympiad since sophomore
NHS since junior
Math Olympiad in freshmen year and i will return in senior year
Student council since sophomore
Student ambassador (someone who shows around and mentors new students to our 3 high school campus)
Tennis Team for Junior year only</p>

and 13 out of 1200 in campus</p>

4.1 (honors classes are unweighted and APs are weighted) </p>

<p>Overall... Im asian indian, I love economics and math, I come from a competitive high school</p>

<p>I really hope I have a chance to get into U of Mich-Ann Arbor, University of Chicago and NYU!!!</p>

<p>Thanks for your input :)</p>

<p>anyone... please :) with cherries on the top</p>

<p>Folks need to remember to tell whether IS or OOS ( a remote state helps too)....unless I skipped over that.I think it makes a bit of a difference. Your rank is really good for having a c, so your HS must be competitive which is a good thing. Work very hard during your Senior year. I did not read any community service hours....but if you are NHS I guess that is a given. No more C's
I think you are good ...just apply early in Sept or Oct....and VISIT the campus so your essays can reflect your own personal experience as to why Michigian is the best fit for you!!! Do not quote USNWR!! Those stats are just a starting point.....schools like Michigan are about so much more than that. Good luck!!</p>

<p>you will probably get rejected at UChicago, accepted to NYU, UM</p>

<p>Michigan - Match
NYU - Match
Chicago - High Reach if ACT Reading remains, Low Reach if you can get ACT Reading to 30+</p>

<p>You'll be fine for Michigan</p>

<p>you got this</p>

<p>Being IS or OOS does make a difference and so does your Unweighted GPA. For Umich if you are IS then you will most likely get in. However being OOS your chances do go down a bit. For SATII, Umich does not require you have any so it's really up to you if you want to take them or not, but since you are thinking of applying else where as well you should probably focus on Math or science subjects since those seem to be your strong points.
Also many people generally take SATII subject tests right after AP exams since the subjects are still fresh in their heads, however many people also choose to take them in the early fall and take advantage of the summer to catch up on studying.</p>

<p>I may not know much about NYU, but for University of Chicago your ACT score for reading is too low. UChicago prides itself in its literature and writing and have the most open essay topics, you should definitly try to raise that reading score and write amazing essays.</p>

<p>cool... that sounds good. thanks muhammad :) and everyone else</p>

<p>NYU-match, just beware--expect no financial aid
UChicago-low- to mid-reach. Your reading score is WAY too low. But wait, have you taken the test before. Because if you've actually gotten a 29 before, they superscore I think, so no worries!</p>


<p>Yes, Chicago does superscore, so explain in your app re: the reading and supply them with the sitting with the 29 if you don't retake.</p>