chance me please :)

<p>i have a 3.87 unweighted at a top private hs in michigan. (we had 12 national merit scholors last year out of a class of about 200).
class rank is 51 out of 230
31 ACT with:
10 on the writing
35 on Science
32 on English
29 on Reading
30 on Math</p>

<p>I have only taken 1 AP so far but will take AP Gov this year and have like 8 honors classes over the past 3 years.
I will have 50 hours community service by the end of next year.
I am in NHS and science olympiad with a few first place awards in that.
Participate in intramural basketball and football and am vice president of the Spanish Club.</p>

<p>Will I get in? thanks for reading btw :)</p>

<p>Apply early, write some good essays and I say you’re in. The class rank seems a bit low, but I’d assume that would be offset by the “top private hs in michigan” status.</p>

<p>Rank hardly means anything as long as your stats are still good enough, which they are.</p>