Chance me please

<p>Korean-American: American citizenship. Lived in the USA my entire life.
Female from Minnesota. </p>

<p>ACT: 31
SAT2: Math2 (haven't taken) US History (haven't taken) &
GPA: 3.84 (unweighted)
APs: Comparative Government & Politics (3), US Government (3), and Euro History (3)
Have taken solely Honors/AP classes </p>

Chamber Orchestra (audition): since 10th grade
Concert Orchestra (audition): since 9th grade
All-State Orchestra: accepted this year.
Fall Pit Orchestra: since 10th grade as keyboardist and cellist
Speech: since 10th grade. Qualified for State this year
Synchronized Swimming: since 9th grade
Youth in Government: appointed Assistant Radio Manager & elected to State Steering Committee
Quiz Bowl: going to join in 12th grade for fun! ;)
Business Professionals of America: in 12th grade, again, for fun!
Junior Statesmen of America: starting a Chapter at my school this year, after just recently attending Stanford Summer School 2010.
-I was elected a Chapter President for Summer State
Volunteer as a Korean School teacher</p>

<p>Fluent in Korean, English, and Spanish-- learning Japanese/Chinese</p>

Received "Superior" rating at MMEA for both Solo and Ensemble. </p>

Stanford (long shot, I know)
UC Berkeley
Georgetown (maybe, depends on whether I will take a 3rd SAT II)
*I need more safeties! </p>

One from 11th grade APCP teacher and the other from 11th grade English teacher
-will be great, I have a good relationship with these teachers. ^^</p>

Israel experience
JSA </p>

<p>Thank you!
If I forgot to mention anything please let me know :)</p>

<p>Test Scores / GPA are low for the ivies and EC's are decent. Columbia and Penn are reaches, Stanford is a longshot as you say, but you should have a pretty good shot for USC and Georgetown.</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "Israel Experience"?</p>

<p>Your GPA is very good. Your ACT is a tad low for Ivy Schools. Shoot for a 33 next time. Your AP scores are also average. Ivies and the such like to see 4s and 5s most of the time. Your ECs are good but are you recognized as an amazing musician or swimmer. If so that can help. Your chances are decent. Not to be too blunt or racist but your Asian. And I'm sure you know that the Asian Pool for Ivies are a crap shot because so many apply with amazing credentials.</p>

<p>Best Of Luck</p>

Israel experience- I was there for 10 days and earned an amazing cultural, historical, and political life experience with two amazing teachers. (one of whom I'm getting a teach rec from ^^) The experience enriched and opened my eyes to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict which directly applies to me, because I wish to be an International Relations major and I hope to use my education at these top-tier universities to improve the situation in the Middle East.
also what would you think of my chances for UC Berkeley?
thank you for replying to my thread. :)</p>

Yes, I am retaking the ACT this upcoming September and am shooting for a 33. :)
I do understand the "Affirmative Action Asian Disadvantage" (wow I was so close to perfect alliteration! haha) But there's nothing wrong with trying? haha Thank you! :)</p>

<p>Interesting that people would say that a 3.84/4 is low for gpa...</p>

<p>You've got some nice stats, but like you're doing, boost that ACT score up. Also, the AP scores are a bit lacking.
Definitely get more safeties</p>

<p>Columbia - Reach
UPenn - Reach
Stanford - Reach (pretty hard to be a match for stanford haha)
USC - High Match/Slight Reach
Berkeley - Slight Reach
Georgetown - not too sure.</p>

<p>Reasonable shot at Berkeley, they want many more OOS students and don't see many applicants from your state. Another point or 2 on the ACT will help. Make sure you factor in that it may take 5 years to get the classes you need to graduate so may well end up costing more than any private with no aid but Federal for OOS students.</p>

<p>I don't see the ivies with these stats.</p>

<p>You have no safeties.</p>

<p>yes I know I don't have any safeties. Do you have any suggestions?</p>