Chance me please!!!

Grade: Junior
Race: African American
Gender: Female</p>

Sat and Act: I have yet to take them yet, but I study about an hour a day :]
GPA: 3.5 UW, 4.1 W
(Low I know but there is an high upward trend in grades <em>3.0 to 4.0</em> and school is competitive)
Rank: School does not officially rank
College Courses: 3
AP's: 13
Honors: 8
Foreign Languages: Spanish (4 years) and Self teaching myself French and German (taking the subject tests)
I have received alot of academic awards</p>

-Volunteer work at hospital and Salvation army regularly (100+ hours)
-Vice president of Student Government (for a year)
-Part of Student Council (2 years)
-National Honor Society
-National Art Honor Society
-Founder of Book Club
-Founder of a Recycling organization around community
-Goalie of Varsity Soccer Team (4 years)
-Varsity Softball team (3 years)
-Track (2 years)
-Have a job throughout school
-Part of 6 different clubs
-Play the Piano and Guitar</p>

<p>Other Factors:</p>

<p>-Biological father did not go to college
-family income is over $120,000
-I would apply EA if I did not want to raise gpa</p>

<p>Other Schools I plan on applying:
University of Chicago
Notre Dame
University of Maryland</p>

<p>Is there anything I can do to help increase my chances???
Thank you so much :D</p>

<p>You should post this in the "what are my chances forum".</p>

<p>I'd say these are all matches with the exception of Notre Dame and U of M as a safety. Moreover, Cornell is a highly probable match.</p>

<p>And welcome to college confidential! :]</p>

<p>Thank you sooo much :D</p>