Chance me please! :)

<p>Hey guys, I would really appreciate it if you would chance me! Okay here goes:</p>

<p>Female (In-state), Korean descent
I attend a very competitive high school, comparable to Monta Vista, Saratoga or Lynbrook if you are familiar with these schools. I took rigorous courses throughout high school.</p>

<p>UC GPA: 4.05
SAT I: 2210 (one-sitting)
ACT: 34
SAT II: Have yet to take officially, but have scored 700 or higher consistently in practice tests</p>

<p>AP Test Scores:
Chemistry- 4
Calculus- 4</p>

<p>Junior Year Schedule: (Only AP/ Honors classes)
Calculus AB
English 11 H
Physics (Taken over the summer)</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule: (Only AP/Honors classes)
Environmental Sciences
French 5

-Played three varsity sports all four years of high school. Team captain for two of those sports. (Some first team all-league honors)</p>

<p>-200+ hours of community service (counselor at a science camp for disadvantaged girls, various other volunteer work)</p>

<p>-Leadership committee and a member of the Dance Commission </p>

<p>-Summer internship with an advertising company</p>

<p>-Experience sorting and analyzing data for a startup medical company</p>

<p>-Experience living with asian parents :)</p>

<p>I'm looking to apply undeclared. Thanks so much for any help/advice, I'm extremely grateful :)</p>

<p>You seem good to get in(:</p>

<p>in. good gpa, good act/sat1.
u know what, i think sat2's dont matter for *****. cuz i got in to EE with two sat2 scores of 670 and 690</p>

<p>Yeah I've heard that SAT IIs really aren't that important, somebody told me that as long as your scores are around 700, you're pretty much okay. Thanks guys! :)</p>

<p>I got in for Bio with SAT 2 scores of 590 for Bio and 620 for Math. I win.</p>

ahaha dam props to u :D</p>

<p>I didn't study for them. I just kinda showed up without reviewing at all. Note to future SAT 2 takers, don't do what I did.</p>

<p>You are in.</p>