chance me please!

<p>I'm going into my senior year I have a 3.3 weighted and a 2.9 unweighted.I had horrible grades my freshmen and sophmore year (2.6 GPA) and I've been really trying hard to bring it up. I'm taking 5 AP classes this year.My SAT is a 1010 490-CR 520-M,I'm planning to take it again so should I apply and not send in my sat scores until the next sat date? (Oct.28).I had a job for 2 years.Was in 3 clubs JROTC,Key Club, and Invisble Children.</p>

<p>I'm planning to pursue pharmacy so do you recommend any other schools that have a good pre-pharmacy program (besides FAMU and NSU)</p>

<p>USF does look for upward grade trends for applicants. Get your application in early this month, don't wait sending in app until after you take test again. USF's application is pretty simple, I don't think they even require an essay still, so there is no excuse for delaying sending in app. Admissions might hold off though on a decision until they see your fall grades and better test scores. If any of your extra-curriculars interfere with your studies, drop the activity--you need good grades now to get in a college like USF. Take SAT again and the ACT test--take both asap. Taking 5 AP courses is good, especially if you get A grades! Other factors could help you, USF likes first generation students for example.</p>

<p>Right now with your present grades and test scores I'd guess your chances for admission to USF are less than 50/50. You can raise that chance by doing well with your grades and test scores this fall term. Good luck and get your app in asap! USF does rolling admissions--get your app in now.</p>

<p>Most any college, including USF, can provide good pre-pharmacy education--you're the main factor, with how well you do in college, that determines whether you get admitted to a pharmacy professional program.</p>

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<p>But if I was to apply and get rejected,would i still be able to apply again with the new SAT scores?</p>

<p>Not sure how receptive USF would be to you re-applying if they rejected you, there probably is an appeal process in place if you wanted to be re-evaluated, but it would surely be an uphill deal. If I were you I'd apply early, over 25,000 students will apply for admission, why let everyone get in line ahead of you by waiting. I don't think your current stats are so bad that you would initially be rejected, you likely will be deferred until USF sees your fall semester grades. Call the admission office to check about re-applying if rejected. If you wait around not sending your apps into colleges until after you get your fall semester grades and newer test scores, you'll likely end up behind the 8 ball not knowing where you'll be admitted to college until late spring. Too, you might just get your admission decision admitting you to USF in as little as 2 or 3 weeks after sending in your app this month--think positive!</p>

<p>Thanks for your help! really appreciate it!</p>