chance me pleasee

<p>Chancess please!?!?
I got a 29 on my ACT composite (28 english, 33 math, 28 science, 28 reading) (32 on english second time I took it but everything else was lower)</p>

<p>I got a 1990/2400 on my SAT (630/CR, 740/M. 620/W)</p>

<p>I will most likely have about 100 hours of community service by the time I apply. I have played varsity tennis for all four years and will be captain next year (I'm a rising senior). I also play on a USTA tennis team off-school-season. I will not be looking to play tennis in college though at the D1 level, perhaps D3. I was a member of the a club called Peer Leadership. I've had jobs teaching tennis. Chosen as a mentor for freshmen my junior year through a program called fusion.</p>

<p>I took AP US history junior year and got a 4 and am going to take AP econ and AP gov next year. All my other classes are honors and have always took as many classes that i could fit into my schedule. I couldnt really fit in any more APs into my schedule. also i took at two week economics course at Brown University over the summer. 700 on the SAT II for US history.</p>

<p>I have won the highest award for the National Latin exam my junior and sophomore year (sophomore year getting a perfect score, only one in my school) </p>

<p>In my school we have weighted and unweighted GPAs and my weighted is a 4.07 and unweighted is 3.6. </p>

<p>I'm thinking about majoring in economics.</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into...</p>

<p>Boston College

<p>So what are my chances of getting into any of the aforementioned schools. Any input would be helpful. </p>

<p>Thank You</p>

<p>And also, any comments on the economics programs of any of the schools listed, good? bad? some better than others?</p>

<p>any input?</p>

<p>Boston College: Mid Reach
Bucknell: Low Reach
Villanova: Low Reach</p>

<p>Your Unweighted GPA is somewhat low for the schools you listed. Boston College likes to see a 700 or above in each area of the SAT, so I would definitely retake it. Applying to Bucknell ED would really help your chances there, assuming financial aid is not a hige concern for you. Do not, however, apply to BC early action; instead, wait for your 7th semester grades to bring your GPA (hopefully) up. Best of luck to you!</p>

<p>thankss, Well if i do EA at BC and dont get in wouldnt they just push it to regular decision?</p>

<p>I would submit to you that you consider looking at BU if you’re interested in BC. BU has a program/essay by which Latin students get a full ride to the college, so you might wanna look into that.</p>

<p>Holy Cross has very good Latin/Classics major. HC is SAT optional and similar to Villanova, BC, Bucknell.</p>

<p>@cjh7111: BC states that EA is for the strongest applicants only. If your application will be stronger come January, then apply RD for full consideration.</p>