<p>Sat score: 1980
Rank:1 out of a class of 100
Expecting 800 in chemistry and more than 700 in physics SAT 2
I took O and AS level exams
Had 3A*s and 6As in O level and 5 As in AS I am currently studying Maths physics chemistry biology further Maths. (in AS I had Urdu language instead of further Maths)</p>

<p>I attended a summer school in global leadership and American history at valparaiso university </p>

<p>I have interned for three weeks with WWF. </p>

<p>I taught voluntarily at an orphanage for a month
HEAD GIRL at my school
President Environment club at my school
General secretary of my school's Red Cross Society
Interned at human resource development network for office experience
Won a silver medal in a national mathematics contest Interned at the ministry of electricity (of Azad Kashmir)
Chief editor or my schools monthly magazine<br>
President of the committee organising the school Olympiad</p>

<p>Chaired a committee at a MUN in a leading university </p>

<p>I am from the subcontinent and have asked for aid more than $30,000 </p>

<p>I wrote my personal essay on how a disastrous earthquake changed my perspective of life and made me what I am </p>

<p>I got one of my professors at the summer program to write one recommendation and the other one should be good too.</p>

<p>i think you'll get in :) best of luck though...
which school are u from?</p>