chance me pls?

<p>Would anyone want to chance me for JHU pls?</p>

<p>I am a male + asian
Public School
Midwest region</p>

ACT: 34 (English 34, Math 36 Reading 30... Science 36)
SAT II's: Math II 800, Physics 770, probly going to take the Bio SAT this fall</p>

<p>EC: not many</p>

<p>GPA: 3.81 (UW)</p>

<p>As accurately as I remember...:</p>

Biology Honors: A
Concert Orchestra: A
Fr Lit and Comp Hrs: B then an A..
French II: Both B's
Geography Honors: A
Geometry Honors: A</p>

Algebra II Honors: A then B?...
AP European History: B then A
Chemistry Honors: A
English Lit Honors: Both B's
French III Honors: A
Sym Orchestra Strings: A</p>

Adv Math Honors: A (Calc given at senior year)
AP Engl Lang and Comp: A
AP Physics B: A
AP US History: A
French IV Honors: A
Sym Orch Honors: A</p>

<p>Senior schedule:
AP Bio
AP Lit and Comp
AP Calc BC
AP Psych / Gov
AP Physics C
Sym Orch Honors</p>

<p>EC:... not much unfortunately
orchestra? (9-11)
swimming (9) learned how to swim = satisfied
tennis (10-11)
FBLA (11)
robotics (11)
WYSE (11)
math team (9-11)
volunteer at condell (10-11)</p>

<p>Recommendations: good? hopefully
Essay: need to write</p>

<p>I'm thinking about going on the premed track.</p>

<p>Would colleges perhaps notice some improvement in my grades? ?...</p>

<p>Any input would be much appreciated.
pls and thnx</p>

<p>b u m p i t y b u m p?</p>