Chance Me Pls :)

Hey guys! I’m applying to UMich Ann Arbor regular decision for LSA as an environmental science/French double major.
I’m from Texas.
ACT: 32
SAT: 1430 (highest composite, superscored is 1470 but I know Mich doesn’t superscore).
GPA: 3.80
Rank: top 18% (go to a very competitive school)
Will graduate having taken 13 AP courses, the rest as “Pre-AP”
Sophomore APs: Psychology (5), World Hist (3)
Junior APs: US History (3), Environmental Science (5), Language and Composition (5), Physics (let’s not talk about that)
Senior APs: (Have yet to take tests for) Literature and Composition, French 4, Biology, AB Calculus, European History, Government, Economics
President of school band (rigorous schedule and consistently places very well), VP last year, member the previous two years
Member of local Youth Environmental group (founded this year)
Member of French club (4 yrs), French Honors Society (2 yrs)
Intern for a theater company (on and off depending on show schedule for 3 years)

National Merit Program-Commended
Essays are pretty good. CA essay is very revealing about me as a holistic person, short answers tend to go into more detail about specifics.

Do you think I am a good fit? If no, any recommendations on where to apply in the Northeast region? I was rejected by Tufts University today (my ED) and UMich is my second choice. Thank you very much!

your ECs are great and so are your APs! Your stats are also pretty good but i’m also an hs snr so idk (also i think we’re name twins?)

Thank you! Eases my nerves a little. Also yes, we appear to be name twins! Are you applying to Mich 2022 also? :smiley:

A bit of a reach based on SAT and GPA. Hopefully they’ll let your ECs give you a lift.
Good luck!

yes im applying too!!