Chance me plz and I'll chance you back :)

<p>Hi, could you please chance me for the following schools and I’ll chance you back. </p>

University of Michigan
UC Irvine
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
University of Notre Dame
**I plan to apply to business at all these schools except UCSD, UCLA, and UCSB</p>

<p>Class of 2011
Asian Indian Male
CA resident
Rank: 8/396
3.9 Unweighted GPA
4.1 Weighted GPA
4.3 UC GPA
JUNIOR YEAR------3 AP’s and 1 honors course-----APUSH (4), Physics B (4), English Lang. (4)
-My school offers 12 AP’s and 1 honors course
-Can’t take AP’s before junior year
ACT: 32
SAT 2’s: US History-770 and Math Lvl. 2-710
Awards-------AP Scholar (national), Top Junior Class (school)</p>

<p>9, 10, 11, 12 Recreational Basketball
11, Sum., 12 Literacy Tutor
9, 10, 11, 12 Track and Field (Varsity Letter 11, 12)
11, 12 City Community Service Club (Board Coordinator 12)
10, 11 Save Darfur Club
Sum., 12 City Library Adult Programming Committee
11, Sum., 12 T.A.B.----Teen Volunteer Club </p>

<p><strong><em>Leave your Chance Thread’s Link or URL and I’ll chance you back ASAP</em></strong>
Thanks :)</p>