Chance me...plz...don't have to do all, but at least one...plz


<p>Schools I'm looking at:
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego - (biology...eek)
UC Irvine

Californian, Female, Asian (why are we not a legit minority anymore)...</p>

GPA: UW-rounds up to a 4.0 but really a 3.9770 W-4.8750
Rank: Top Ten (not 1 or 2 though) out of about 550 people</p>

<p>Standardized tests
SAT: 2220
SAT II: Math II-770, US History-750, Chemistry-750
ACT: Maybe</p>

<p>EC/leadership - need more prob. in this one
Marching Band-Since freshman, Section leader for 2 years
Journalism-Editor of two sections maybe three
Key Club-Member since freshman, treasurer-Junior, Senior year
CSF-Member, but will be going for a leadership position b/c they elect them at the beginning of the year
Tutor for math-about 100 hrs.
Tutor Korean immigrants English, but not a significant number of hours...only about 40 hrs.
And some 100 hrs. with random tutoring at Children Museum, Library, church, etc.</p>

<p>In at all, Penn and Stanford reach</p>

<p>Cornell and Northwestern are matches academically but you seem to be lacking leadership...try and fix that ^^</p>

<p>Edit: for instate, you seem perfect for any UC school.</p>

<p>in at all the UC's
Northwestern, Penn, Cornell mid/high reach
Stanford High reach</p>