Chance me plz! thanks!

So I am considering applying to Smith through RD.
I know the deadline is coming up soon, but I just cannot make my decision yet. so guess I need some helps.
well, the thing is that I really don't know if I should apply.
I really love smith, which is absolutely a great women college.
but I get two issues here;</p>

<p>(1) I don't know if I would be able to get in/ and applying for colleges costs money--I am poor.</p>

<p>MY stats here:
SAT 1 2090 breakdown
math 800 reading 620 W: 670
SAT II Chemistry 690 Physics 760 MathII: 790 US history: 580
Chemistry: 3 (self-studied)</p>

<p>GPA" around 3.8-3.9
School: public
ranking: unknown</p>

several years MUN, several awards
several years Debate, several awards.
a lot of club activities.
some volunteer works. like Church Volunteer..balabala
sports: soccer, tennis</p>

<p>Asian Female</p>

<p>intended major: Physics, Business</p>

<p>Chance me plz! and do you think I should send my Ap scores and Uhistory score to smith? (they are low, and I don't know if they would hurt me. also AP score reports are 15 bucks each)</p>

<p>(2) My parents don't really like LACs, cz they think big Universities are better, with more resources.
Is that true?
and how can I persuade them?</p>

<p>well, thank you in advance. and Have a good day.</p>

<p>definitely give it a shot! your stats look right on target for Smith, and the app is free. you don't need to send official ap score reports to any college except the one to which you matriculate (though i'm not sure if you should report yours informally or not... i'm not an expert in that department). </p>

<p>As for persuading your parents, because of the 5 college consortium, Smith has access to more resources than you could ever use, including those of a large state flagship (UMass Amherst). Example: I like languages and want to study another in college. Smith has all the basic ones (Romance language, classics, etc.), but thanks to the consortium, Smith students can study any of 20+ languages, including Afrikaans, Turkish, and Swahili.</p>

<p>It is clear from your post that you possess the academic credentials to be a competitive candidate at Smith. There is no application fee if you apply on-line. You can obtain fee waivers for sending SAT/ACT score reports as well as compliance with CSS Profile. Remember it is essential to meet the application deadlines for financial aid. PM me if you have any further questions or need additional information. Good luck.</p>

<p>If your AP score is three or better, I would send them. Definitely look into getting a fee waiver as needed, your guidance counselor should be able to offer more info on that if you have questions. And as Danielle said, there's no application fee to apply online, and Smith is a Common Application college, so if you're already applying to other Common App schools it's very easy. </p>

<p>I think you lose nothing by applying. Your stats seem good and you wont' know how much financial aid you'll receive until/unless you apply. A few things you might tell your parents about Smith's resources, it has an over $1 billion endowment, over the past 10 years it has received more National Science Foundation grants than any other peer institution, it's has a leading success rate for Fulbright fellowships (45% of Smith applicants received Fulbrights this year, 2.5 times the national average), it has excellent study abroad programs and a really great Career Development office, it guarantees every student $2400 at one point during their undergraduate career to put towards an unpaid summer internship, I could keep going :-) </p>

<p>What might be most convincing for them is that Smith is part of the Five College Consortium, which includes UMASS, a major university, and Amherst College, consistently ranked as one of the top undergraduate universities in the country. You can take classes at either of those schools, as well as Hampshire College and Mt. Holyoke for free while you're a student at Smith. So in some ways, you can tell them it's the best of both worlds. You get the liberal arts, women's college experience you want. They get the peace of mind of knowing you still have access to the large resources of a big university.</p>

<p>Are you an international student from some Asian country? Since you got a more decent score in Math section than you did in other two which is not conventional among American kids..</p>

<p>Definitely give it a try, but we really can't tell you if you will get in or not. There are many other factors taken into consideration in the decision making process other than those you've listed. </p>

<p>In regards to the question whether colleges are inferior to Universities: I concur with S&P, "I think you lose nothing by applying".</p>

<p>Good Luck</p>