Chance Me Plz

By the end of Junior year I plan to have a 3.4 U/W GPA and a 4.0+ Weighted GPA. I do tons of EC and Volunteer work (200+ Hours around my community) with an obvious upward trend on my transcripts (Freshmen and Sophomore Year were bad for me due to external circumstances) I have plenty of teachers that would give me great recommendations, I’m around the top 20-25% of my class. Large School 2500+ students.

Do I have a good chance of going to school out of state?
And I know it’s a long stretch but do I have any chance of getting into NYU?

My ACT is expected to be around 32+ points.

You have a chance. Your ACT score is in-line for a competitive applicant, however, your GPA is on the lower end. Work to really push that GPA. Assuming you will get a 32+ on your ACT and have improvements on your GPA, it will largely come down to the quality of your essays, recommendations and extra-curriculars.