chance me plz

<p>i have applied to tufts as a regular decision applicant and so wanted to know what are my chances in getting accepted.</p>

<p>gpa :3.8 Alevels grade (A,A,B,a)
rank :19/78
SAT I: 720/740/590 ( cr/math/writing)
SAT II: 730/680 (Math I/ Math II)
High school: private very competitive nationally</p>

<p>ethnicity: Nepali/male</p>

development project in rural nepal
High school soccer team
coordinator of local youth club
organizer of annual blood donation program
various high school social service clubs

<p>Jeez kid, 11 posts, started new threads with 10 of them, 9 of the 10 are "chance me"-s. Nobody can tell you for Tufts, NW, Georgetown. It all depends on the mood of Dan when he wakes up on the day he reads your application. Bad mood = out, good mood = definite maybe :-)</p>

<p>hey thanks groovy,
was kinda getting anxious about my decisions so just wanted to know what ppl say. whose dan by the way and how did u find out my posts?</p>

<p>Dan is an Admissions Officer at Tufts who frequently posts on CC. His screen name is "DanAdmiss@Tufts" and you can find some of his old posts by doing a search on that name using the function at the tops of this screen. (The same way GroovyGeek found out about your posting history.)</p>

<p>Actually, I am too lazy to use search to find posts that way :-). What drew my attention was the "Threads" and "Posts" counts for lowsat, which are displayed in the gray area at the left --- they were nearly identical, which is highly unusual for someone who participates in discussions. I then clicked on his/her username to see the profile, in the "Forums" section of the profile there is a link to "Find all posts by lowsat" and "Find all threads started by lowsat". </p>

<p>Regarding Dan, here is his "autobiography": <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>He is a tremendous resource for this board, I have not see any other board with such active "official" presence by the admissions office. Of course, it helps that there are not too many "chance me" threads on the Tufts board, because (a) they are useless and (b) no university official in their right mind would respond to one of them, even though they usually know the answer.</p>

<p>hey thnx</p>

<p>worried_mom is your son too aplying to tufts?
groovygeek atleast my unusual post and thread drew some attraction hehe
hope to talk to u more</p>