chance me plz

<p>i have applied to trintiy college as a regular decision applicant and so wanted to know what are my chances in getting accepted.</p>

<p>gpa :3.8 Alevels grade (A,A,B,a)
rank :19/78
SAT I: 720/740/590 ( cr/math/writing)
SAT II: 730/680 (Math I/ Math II)
High school: private very competitive nationally</p>

<p>ethnicity: Nepali/male</p>

development project in rural nepal
High school soccer team
coordinator of local youth club
organizer of annual blood donation program
various high school social service clubs

<p>i think you have a really good shot of getting in</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>Interestingly, there are several Nepalis in the class of 2011. </p>

<p>I don't want to say you'll be accepted just because you're from Nepal, but given your impressive record, and the lack of diversity at Trinity, you're chances are very high.</p>

<p>hey readyfortrin and bantamboy thnx a lot,</p>

<p>unfortunately i have already been rejected by trinity college as a matter of fact trinity was one of my first choices i had applied as an ed2 applicant.</p>

<p>well my previous SAT I scores were low 600/690/540 (CR/math/Writing) these are my new sat scores. hey bantamboy i guess u are a student of trinity i may apply to trinity next year as well so hope to see u then</p>

<p>sorry to hear that news from d2's scores were a tad lower but she applied rank in class, high cum, capt of LAX, small independent school in N.E. we are ecstatic....try to transfer next year!</p>

<p>How were you able to increase your SAT I CR score from 600 to 720?</p>

<p>icy9ff8 just worked harder for the nest sat exam for wich i had about 3-4 mths break. and by the grace of god improved the scores but still got rejected so seems hard work didn't pay much!</p>

<p>I don't think that your SAT scores were a main factor affecting your application which resulted in a rejection. Were you seeking financial aid? Your grades and standardized test scores are/were fine for Trinity College. For an ED applicant with your stats to be rejected, there had to be another factor of which we are not aware.</p>

<p>hey icy9ff8</p>

<p>yeah i have applied for financial aid and also need a lot of it so may be it was the reason for my rejection. well lets see what happens with my other colleges</p>

I also am from Nepal.
I got accepted by TRINITY with STATS way lower than yours. Don't worry you have good stats you'll surely get into a good college. cheers!</p>

<p>hey kushalpurie</p>

<p>what was for financial aid need? and were u a ED applicant? may be your SAT and Toefl were higher than mine , my previous SAT werer only 600/690/540 ( cr/math/wr) and previous toefl was only 102. </p>

<p>If not then i don't kno maybe theres sth wrong withm my other application materials like essays. well lets see </p>

<p>thnx mate</p>

<p>i had better stats than your older stats and yes I was an ED applicant. don't be so paranoid ... best of luck!</p>


<p>Though i m saying this after ur rejection, i knew that ur chance of acceptance was very low. Problem doesnt lies in your application stats or even i guess in ur essay. Trinity has already accepted about 6 nepalese students for class of 2012 under early decision. And most of us have recieved a substantial aid. Due to limited budget, colleges have a sort of quota system; once their funds are exhausted they have to reject other international students seeking aid.</p>