Chance me plz

<p>Major: Undecided
Middle Eastern (which colleges consider caucasian…not fair)
Location: VA
rank: top 1% out of a little less than 500
ACT - 30
Weighted GPA: above a 4
APs: 14 total…I actually took the classes for these…did not just take the test (one 5, a few 4s, 2 3s, and 7 I have not taken yet)</p>

<p>I have taken many challenging classes across all subjects with a noticeable focus on business…</p>


<p>most honors societies
captain of debate team (with the exception of the ones for foreing languages)
basketball (not school team)
volunteering (500+ hours)
president’s service award recepient (award given from the white house for volunteering)
a bunch of other </p>

<p>I originally thought I had a really really strong chance at BC (not to sound stuckup) but after i did some research it appears BC is more selective than I thought</p>


<p>unless you got caught selling crack, i am sure you are in. BC is selective but not that selective. where else did you apply</p>

<p>hahaha...the crack thing is making me laugh so hard.</p>

<p>I am applying to cornell, yale, brown, NYU, GW, Gtwon, JHU, UVA and some others.</p>

<p>thanks you really gave me some confidence</p>

<p>everyone cept maybe yale and brown is a given. nyu might be iffy if you are apply to stern</p>

<p>overall yale is the only one i think you should really worry about</p>

<p>i think u need to raise ur act a little bit</p>

<p>I do not think I can raise my ACT....I am a senior this yr and decsions are at the end of this month lol</p>

<p>I'd say its a match. I have a 31 ACT and similar ECs, along w/leadership at nat'l conventions and such, and I was told I was a match, so I'd say you are as well. As far as the other schools, they're so selective I'd say all but UVA (since you're IS) and NYU are reaches. But good luck, I think you'll get into some great ones!</p>

<p>i know this is a bc thread, but i am pretty sure that you would be a match for nyu, although i'm a little foggy on stern's standards</p>