Chance me plz?

<p>Applying to: Columbia College Economics Mathematics Sophomore Transfer Fall09
Currently at: University of Waterloo (Canada)
Current program: honors mathematics/financial analysis and risk management co-op
Current GPA: 4.0 (5 courses per semester)
High school: IB Diploma, score: 43/45, GPA: 4.0
SAT: 660 (CR) 800 (Math) 670 (writing)
**(thinking of retaking in Jan, also wondering if you guys think it's necessary)</p>

<p>Major Commitments:
1. volunteer hours: 400+
2. work hours: 300+
3. athletics: badminton- high school: jr team coach/team manager, sr team member, community club member, chief organizer of a local tournament (in gr.12, approx 150 participants, 2 day event); university: club member
4. member/exec of a couple of school clubs</p>

1. University of Waterloo National Scholarship winner (1 of 14)
2. outstanding results from some Canadian & US math contests
3. a few other local/provincial scholarships
4. a few other school/local awards</p>

<p>Thank you for your time!</p>

<p>total score on sat is 2130, which is good enough, i wouldn't retake it for columbia at all. your gpa is solid, your IB score is also really good, there are 45/45s at columbia but a 43 is definitely good enough. Academics will not hold you back. your ECs are decent also, you need to give them solid evidence of why you want to transfer, and why columbia will uniquely help you thrive, also why you would be an asset to the university. it'll be a lot about fit, being a transfer student is tough at columbia, making friends, losing out on the first year in activities etc etc. there are automatic hurdles put in front of you and they need to absolutely know why you'll likely get through them.</p>