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I’m a HS junior and rlly want to apply to Brandeis next year. Literally in love with the school and the overall area.

Bio: Public school in NorCal. Before public school, I went to a private school in Norcal for 2 years. Moved because there was a lack of science classes in what I was interested in like Honors Anatomy. I am first-generation American (family from Belarus). Hoping to do pre-med and then become doctor.

  • Unweighted GPA: 3.85 (will be higher at end of semester)
  • Weighted: 4.41 (will be 4.45 at end of this semesteR)
  • SAT: 1430 (680 CRW and 750 M)
  • AP's: AP Physics 1, AP Calc AB (4), AP Calc BC (4), AP Euro (4), AP CSP, APUSH, APES, AP Bio, AP CS A, AP Lang, AP Econ, AP Gov + 5 honors

//AP Econ/Gov will be taken in 12th grade next year
//APES, AP Bio, and APUSH are being taken this yr

  • Major Awards: Nothing major.. AP Scholar, some debate, and CTY Honors

Pre-Med Major: Biology OR Neuroscience but leaning Biology


  • Academic Tutor (4 yrs)
  • Founded group that interviews veterans/civilians in order to share their story. Started to better understand my Belarusian heritage. Worked with Contemporary Jewish Museum, JFCS Holocaust Center, and various senior communities to bring coordinate and introduce speakers at our school about this (2.5 yrs)
  • President of Eastern European Culture Club: organized fundraisers and potlucks in order to appreciate Eastern European culture. (2 yrs)
  • Science Mentor (Science Projects)/ Math Olympiad Mentor/Science Olympiad (3 yrs)
  • NSCC Student CLIMATE Advocate: Daily meetings with 30 kids w/ principal to discuss how we can better our community
  • Model UN: Not very much but attended few conferences
  • Swimming (10 yrs)
  • School Ambassador (Old School) (2 yrs) + ASB Leadership (2 yrs)

Volunteer Work:

  • Stanford Hospital (150+ hours)
  • Co-Author of book given to low-income kids in India
  • Various political campaigns nationally/locally (don’t worry I won’t HACK the election LOL). (3 yrs+)
  • Museum Youth Docent + Volunteer @ Jewish Senior Community (2 yrs)
  • Poll Worker (50 hours)

9th : Summer Courses in Science
10th: Biotech Internship at Berkeley, Debate Camp
11th: Stayed home to focus on Veteran’s project and Stanford Volunteering
12th: Czech Republic Hospital Internship + hopefully Livermore Labs

Thx and plz get back to me!! Rllllly wanna go next year to Brandeis it would be my dream!!! Lot’s of fellow Eastern Europeans are there too!

//UPDATE: If you could chance me for merit scholarship tyyy