Chance Me! (Pomona, Ivies, Colorado College)

Hello! I’m definitely stressing a lot over college rn and I’m doing this for catharsis.

I applied ED to Pomona and here’s the rest of my list:

Colorado College
UCs (Cal, SB, SC, Davis) out of state

White, Female at a small diverse city public school

Major: Molecular Biology
Really strong teacher recs :slight_smile:

ACT: 33 (35E/34R/31S/31M; 10/12 essay)
SAT: 1380 (710 M, 670 E, 22 (8/6/8) essay)
UW GPA: 3.99 (only got 1 A- )
W GPA: 4.38
Didn’t report any SAT II bc my scores sucked lol

My school only offers about 15 and only allows 4 per year, only juniors and seniors
Junior year: AP Lang (5), AP Bio (4), AP Stats (4)

Senior year classes: AP Calc BC, AP Environmental Science, AP Chinese, Humanities (hardest class in school, Ancient Greek philosophy), Science research class, U.S. History, Choir

Varsity Softball (9-12) captain
Varsity XC (9-12) captain
Honors Choir (9-12) (went to all nationals for choir) president
Musical (9-12)
GSA (gender sexuality alliance) (9-12) president
Calligraphy club (10-12) co-president
Environmental Club (11-12)
Literary Magazine (11-12)

Had a restaurant job summer before senior year and did tutoring for kids learning Chinese

I think that you have an above average chance of admission to Pomona College. Harvard & Stanford are reaches for all. Should do well at the rest. But why Colorado College ? Just doesn’t seem to fit, in my opinion.

the liberal arts aspect really appeals to me and the block schedule!