Chance me (Pomona, Stanford, ivy leagues)

School: Private, one of the most competitive private schools out there, average SAT scores rank in the top 4 of all schools
State: CA
GPA: 4.21 / 4.5 (Weighted) (Have a circumstance to explain score drops in one year)
Rank: Not given by school

Senior Year Classes:

AP Physics 2 , AP English Literature & Composition

Honors Multivariate Calculus, Honors Differential Equations

Honors Analytical Chemistry, Study of Organic Chemistry

Honors Advanced Research, AP Computer Science A

Test Scores:

SAT 1: 1560 (770 WR / 790 Math)
SAT Subject Tests: Math II 800 Chemistry 790 Biology 760 US History 760
AP: AP World History Score, 5 AP Chemistry Score 4, AP Calculus BC Score 5, AP Biology Score 5, AP US History Score 4

Research internship at Stanford neurology lab for past 3 years. (9.10,11 (paid) ) (1,000+ hours)
DECA (9,10,11,12)
California State Science Fair

  • Honorable Mention (5th) in Bio Category
    Region (don’t really wanna specify, but competitive region)
  • 1st award in category
    Cofound Club that goes to local schools and teaches fundamentals of science through experiments (leadership position)
    Currently setting up for 2 publications by December in a journal
    Will participate in Siemens and Intel


Local Hospital (10 summer, 11 summer) 3 hrs/week
Local Medical Clinic (11 summer) 3 hrs/week


Should be good


Should also be good

What is your unweighted GPA?

@ClarinetDad16 3.82 (I calculated this myself, our school just tells us to submit the weighted one)

I think you have a good shot at top tier schools. If I may ask, what journal are you going to publish in?


@SJNccc top-mid tier journal.

3.82/1560 is in range to be competitive at all of the schools you’ve mentioned.

That said, being a competitive applicant at those schools doesn’t mean that you have a better than “reach” chance at any single school among them. Therefore, I suggest applying to some matches and at least one safety you like and can afford.

Thanks for the advice so far, these are just my list of reaches, I’ve already formulated my safeties and matches