chance me por favor!

<p>Hey guys, i'm a sophomore in high school, and i'm wondering if i have any chance of getting in to UCLA with my low GPA and soon to be great test scores. Sadly, I'm asian, which makes me an ORM. :'( Northwestern is my dream school, but i'm still applying to other schools, some of which are crapshoots and some of which i think i can easily get in. Anyway, the test scores are my guestimates of what i'm going to get, but they should be pretty accurate. The PLAN test (ACT performance predicting exam administered by the same company who administers the ACT) put my score in the 34 range, and i'm taking intensive personalized tutoring for the ACT, with the hope that it will bring my grade up by even one point, hopefully two! My PLAN test score was also in the top 1% of all college bound students in the nation, and in middle school i was always in the top 1% of my state (no nationwide exams in middle school). I think my performance on the SAT will be similar to my performance on the ACT. Anyway, here goes. </p>

<p>GPA: 3.4 out of a 4.0 scale (UW) [4.23 W]
ACT: 35-36
SAT: 2300-2350
Class Rank: Top 10%
EC: Football Fresh/Soph years, Wrestling all four years, tennis Soph-Senior year, debate team, youth in government, NHS, Newspaper club sports editor
AP: Taking 9-10 by the time i graduate
Course Rigor: I've taken all the most rigourous courses our school has to offer
Recs: Really good
Essay: Hopefully really good? </p>

<p>Yes, i realize my GPA is much lower than the median GPAs of the schools i want to apply to, but i really hope my test scores help add some balance. But it's an upward trend, so hopefully that helps! And yes, i'm positive i'll test as well as i project. Also, the school i go to is not really that competitive (4.23 Wgpa puts me in the top 10%, embarassing, huh?). Well i think i've covered everything! Do you guys think i have a fair shot? </p>

<li>and yes, i did pretty much copy and paste this from my post on the duke forum. With my credentials, what are some other schools you guys can recommend for me? :D</li>

<p>You're a good fit. Also, being ORM does not matter at UCs by law, in fact asians are the biggest ethnic group at most of them, including UCLA.</p>

<p>You should make it. -.-</p>

<p>no chance at all..uc irvine is a huge reach..go to community college and transfer after 2 years</p>

<p>First of all... you're only a sophomore. You should be focusing on your schoolwork and ECs instead of stressing out about college.</p>

<p>Second, how do you know that you'll get 2300-2350 on the SAT, 35-36 on the ACT, Wrestling all four years, tennis until senior year, 9-10 APs by senior year, and good essay? Just because you got a 34 on the PLAN test doesn't mean you'll get the same official score, let alone a higher score, and I personally think it's complete bogus to estimate your SAT based on ACT score. As for sports, what if you get injured? What if you don't make the team at all? Chanced might be low, but it can still happen! </p>

<p>You never know what is going to happen until it actually happens. Start another chance thread when you're applying and actually achieved all the credentials you mentioned. </p>

<p>I hate it when underclassmen start a "chance me" thread...</p>

<p>very cocky to think that you'll get a 2300+ on the sats. most people take the act because they do poorly on the sat...</p>

<p>UCLA does not want letters of recommendation.</p>

<p>Man, thats a lot of negativity. ._.
But i've been taking a couple of diagnostic tests (for the ACT not SAT). they don't give me a score on the 1-36 range, but a certain number of questions correct is deemed excellent, next is very good, above average, average, below average, and weak. i might of jumbled the order of the last two, but that doesn't matter. I was in the "excellent" range for all four subjects, both times. I can't really properly grade my own essay, so i don't know how well i did on those. The diagnostic tests were in Barron's ACT test prep book, which seems to be reliable. I'm also planning to go through this entire book, and i'm going to take ACT tutoring sessions. The sessions involve a tutor and a maximum of 3 students, so it is a much more personalized approach, and it strengthens areas of weakness. As for Ap classes, i've taken a few of them already, have a lot scheduled for next year, and know exactly which ones i'm taking senior year. I broke my collarbone freshmen year wrestling, but i still stuck with the team and came to every practice. As a result, even though i was injured early on, it was still on my transcript. fortunately, i survived sophmore year and did pretty good. But if i do get injured, i'm doing the same thing. Also, i'm positive i'll make the tennis team all four years, but if i don't, i'm going for track and field, which doesn't cut. As for the estimating SAT based on ACT score, i don't really have to much information about that. Are they really that different? I live in the midwest, and there is not too much emphasis on the SAT, and as a result, i don't know too much about it. I took and old SAT exam in 8th grade, and i think i did really well if that counts for anything. But for the SAT i plan on taking 4-5 or more diagnostic exams, seeing what types of problems i get wrong, and reading the corresponding section in the book. after i've strengthened those weaknesses, i'll take another test to see how i do. and terranoxic, in my area, most people take the ACT because the SAT is not required for a lot of schools in Illinois. I guess it can be called cocky, but i want to think it's an educated guess. mnop, this was a ucla forum was it not? i don't plan on applying to uc irvine, sorry. and does ucla really not want letters of recommendation? thanks for the info! and sorry for responding late, i have finals this week, so i was busy studying!</p>

<p>UC does not require or solicit letters of recommendation for undergraduate admission.</p>

<p>University</a> of California - Admissions</p>

<p>planning is good, but do you plan for every summer vacation two years ahead of time?</p>

<p>when you raise your GPA, get a couple of 5's on AP tests, score 33-34 on ACT and over 2100 on SAT, break your collarone in wrestling again, then i'll chance you.</p>

<p>if you lived in California though, you'd be looking good for a sophmore.</p>