Chance me por favor


<p>unweighted GPA:3.85(no Bs)
weighted GPA:4.2
SAT: math 800, CR 740, writing 690(essay 10)
ACT: 33 across the board, 9 on the essay
Took the highest possible classes available except for regular spanish this past year, and I'm taking AP environmental science instead of ap chem/bio senior year for an easy science</p>

<p>APs-World 5(10th)
11th-US,Lit,Stat(elective),physics b, euro(out of school)-expect easy 5s on all
12th-apes, lang, micro, macro, calc ab, gov
SAT2-Physics 730, World 790, Math1 710</p>

<p>EC-I admit I am lacking here for the top schools
~130 hrs community service
~80 hrs of work last summer and this summer in India
~50 hours tutoring in India for free to underprivleged kids
student gov:9-12
green club:10-12(it only started when i was in 10th)
mock trial:11-12
And I've been going to an Indian culture thing every weekend since I was like 5. </p>

<p>Chicago early action
SUNY Binghampton/SUNY Stonybrook(not sure yet, its one or the other)
also applying to oxford and london school of econ</p>

<p>and I realize I probably need a few more match schools, but I'm visiting a few this summer to see which ones they are</p>


<p>Looks good Chicago is kinda an oddball so they may take you or not (They enjoy weird essays from what I understand). If I were you I would work on pounding out my vocabulary and then retaking the SAT for a better writing score Columbia looks like a reach but other than that you look pretty solid for the rest of the schools. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>Chicago-- low reach
Northwestern-- low reach
Columbia-- high reach (Indian + from New York moves it from reach to high reach)
Emory-- match
Michigan-- no idea
Syracuse-- safety
SUNYs-- safeties? Idk</p>

<p>Oxford-- Beyond-the-moon reach, as an American.
Have you looked at how hard/different their application is? I looked into applying there, and then I was like...nooooooo. Way too much work. And what would your major be? You need to have declared it by practically the first week, if not literally so. Some majors, based on your ECs and grades, could bring it down to a simple reach. Others would be much harder, if you have fewer accomplishments in that field.
London School of Economics-- Not the first clue.</p>

<p>If you want to do the British thing, also look into the University of St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh.</p>

<p>yea I'm fairly set on doing econ, and would do econ/history if i somehow made oxford
also, forgot to mention, my school doesn't do ranks</p>

<p>and I dont see an edit button anywhere, but I forgot to post NYU Stern in my list of colleges</p>