Chance me Princeton as Sop.:)

<p>I did not want to post so detail, but yeah, it won't be that harmful.
I go to public high school (soph.) and probably apply for governor school of sciecne and mathematic for junior and senior year. My goal is to study premed for Princeton.</p>

<p>My accomplishment...
class rank: 4/600
4.0 GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.92
Sophomore class vice president
Took most rigorous class as much as possible...
Got 5 on my first AP exam in fresh year.
Year-round competitive swimmer.
Preparing for SCMTA (most competive piano competition in South Carolina) and I have good chance of getting 1st/2nd place. I have been playing piano for long long time...</p>

<p>Why am I asking question?
I don't know. I guess I wanted to feel more confident...And I have so many choices I have to make from right now. I probably will apply to governor school...which I will have to give up swimming....but whatever...
Reason to go to GSSM:
1. GSSM is top 10 public high school in nation.
2. If I go to governor school, I will have more confident when I apply to top universities such as Harvard, Princeton....
3. I will study my best
4. If I go to governor school I will run for Junior class president, and Student Body President in senior year.
5. Hopefully I will get in governor school first.</p>

<p>If I not go to Governor school:
1. I probably will loose confident when I apply to top school such as Harvard, Princeton.
2. But I can swim and maybe will try to swim at university...(but probably not possible).
3. Almost nobody get into Harvard/ Princeton and top school in my public school even if you are class valedictorian with class average of almost 100 (I know it is insane.......)
My senior friend who were first in her class with 500+ kids with grades average of 100 on all her class did not get into top school.
4. I would still run for president anyway.
5. I probably stop playing piano since I have to study...but I will shoot for 1st/2nd for state piano soph year.</p>

<p>What do you think...? Am I on right track?
I felt kind of angry with my class rank...but yeah...who is first second third in my class study much harder than me...they will get angry if they don't get 100 on their overall to I get like 97s 98s some 96s... I don't know I will do my best...And I swim everyday in swim team since I love swimming....And real dream was to swim in Princeton....And....if you worry the fact that I will run for leader just because I want to go to top is not I enjoy being leader and absolutely do my best