Chance Me Princeton, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Harvard, and MIT for 2020 Fall Applications?

Chance me for the new application cycle w/o SATs for Princeton, Hopkins, UPenn, Harvard, and MIT?
I haven’t taken the SAT due to Covid-19.

AP Calc BC: 5, AP Calc AB Subscore: 5
AP Physics 1: 5
AP Statistics: 5
AP Biology: 4
AP World History: 4
AP Microeconomics: I’m guessing 4 or 5?
AP Macroeconomics: I’m guessing 4 or 5?
SAT Subject Tests: Math 2 (770), Biology M (770)


  1. TA for AP Calculus BC class, AP Calculus AB class, and AP Statistics class
  2. Research Project for Sports Medicine in ASA, currently in the process of getting published with Harvard’s JEI journal
  3. MIT Covid19 Hackathon
  4. 3 Summers Medical Internship and Volunteer at Johns Hopkins Hospital: 80+ hours per summer
  5. Team USA Figure Skater. Represents team USA internationally as a singles figure skater. International silver medalist. Top 10 in the US, 4x US Nationals competitor, US Eastern Sectionals Champion, 5x US South Atlantic Regionals Champion, etc
    (I heard that Princeton tends to favor athletes and their skaters but if anyone has any experience please share :))

Future Medical Leader Award of Excellence by pHD doctor

I am currently waiting to see if I placed top 3 at the ASA competition for my research :slight_smile:

Homeschooled to accommodate figure skating training and international competition schedule.

I planned on applying to Princeton EA, but since they just took out the EA, I can’t decide where to apply early. My top 2 choices are Princeton and Hopkins, but I am a bit hesitant on applying ED to Hopkins as it is binding. I want to major in cellular and molecular biology and eventually go into med school for surgery. Should I ED Hopkins, or should I REA Harvard/MIT and take my chances RD at Princeton, Hopkins and UPenn? Thoughts?

Congratulations on your achievements.

What is your unweighted GPA, core courses only?

You will need to check if an SAT or ACT is required, as you were homeschooled…so a score may be required for you even though the school is test optional. Are you registered for an SAT or ACT test?

With that said, the figure skating thing is impressive, unique, and likely to be looked upon very favorably by AOs. The rest of your ECs are impressive as well.

Will you be applying for financial aid? If so, what is your budget?

My unweighted GPA is 3.97/4.00. The SAT/ACT is not required for me, but I am registered for the August test. I have not decided about financial aid yet!

Also, is the SAT/ACT requirement based off of the homeschool’s law or the university’s law?

I have also been offered a contract for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

You should REA at Harvard/MIT cause you definitely have chances there.

yeah, don’t ED anywhere and lock yourself in.

Wow your achievements are amazing you should be very proud.

I think you are too low score wise for MIT. Maybe if your SAT Math is 800, but normally math scores are I think Princeton and Harvard are good choices. The Olympic skating level will take you far. My guess is you’d get into JHU, and either Harvard or Princeton but not MIT.

MIT no longer considers subject tests.

@vhsdad Yes, I was thinking more along the lines of subject test being that low would correlate to less than 750 Math SAT.

All looks good. They are completely different. You must make a choice of environment: do-or-die doctor, liberal arts, or tech? Do-or-die doctor - Johns Hopkins. Liberal arts - Princeton or a smaller liberal arts college for a more academic and broader cultural experience. Top tech - MIT or CalTech, followed by the engineering departments at the top state universities (Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Berkeley). Note: Princeton’s Engineering School, combined with Math and Physics departments, is sort of like CalTech, but CalTech is next to JPL. Harvard and Penn have a combination of all three - highest chance of admission is Penn ED.