Chance me! Private universities: USC, Dartmouth, Stanford, Pomona; Public: UCs Berk, LA, Davis, SD

Hi, I’d like you guys to chance me honestly. :smiley: :)>-
I mainly want to attend either USC or Stanford, but I’m also happy going to any of the other schools I’ve listed as well as some other top 20 schools that I did not have room to list in the header.

Unweighted: 4.0
Weighted: 4.5, with one more semester of a full IB curriculum so will go up.
Class Rank: 1 out of 544

Old SAT: Took it much earlier than I should’ve but wanted to try it before it changed to the New version…
Reading: 660 Math: 690 Writing: 720 Essay: 10 out of 12 Total: 2080

SAT Subject Test:
Math II: 770
Plan to take Biology M and Literature as well

Composite: 33
English: 32 Math: 34 Reading: 36 Science: 28 Writing: 26
Planning on retaking ACT to bring up other subscores, mainly science, english, and writing

National Merit Scholarship Qualifier
National Student Athlete Award from US Marine Corps

1 in Area for u20 Travel Baseball legion

High School JV Soccer team Freshman and Sophomore year, and captain in sophomore year
High School JV Baseball team Sophomore year
High School Varsity Baseball team Junior year
High School Fall Baseball team Junior year
Have played for travel baseball teams for 6 years
Have played travel soccer for 5 years
Treasurer of Academic Decathlon last year, will be President in this upcoming year; Three year participant
Participant in three Academic Decathlon competitions
Treasurer of Model United Nations last year
Member of National Honors Society for 3 years
Member of the National Society of High School Scholars
Participant in last two district science fairs
Co-Founder and President of Andrew’s Bookshelf club
Volunteer at Local Farmer’s Market every Thursday for the past three years through Solano Pipeline
High School Band: Played saxophone for two years, but have played for 7



White/Pacific Islander

College Application Essay:
Have been working on it over the summer and will pace myself with multiple drafts for each essay to eventually develop into a final product that I won’t have any regrets in. :)>-

Well please take the time to chance me for the schools I’ve listed! I’m a rising senior who will be turning in all of my college applications soon. I look forward to reading your responses and answering any questions that you guys may have!

Your ECs (especially with all the sports) look good. GPA is great, test scores are around average. Good luck!


Stanford: High Reach
Dartmouth: High Reach
Berkeley: Low Reach/High Match(If In-State)
LA: Match
Davis: Match
Pomona: Match
USC: Match
SD: Match

Raise your ACT to 34 or above w/o superscore and your chances will be better.

@doorrealthe and @row566

Thank you for your commentary! I was going to focus on English and Science to bring those scores up to bringing those both up to 33-34 range, and also raising my Math up at least one point. While my Reading score is high I doubt I’d come close to that high again… Do you think if I use superstore for those three it would improve my chances a great deal?

UCB/UCLA/UCD and UCSD will not superscore your ACT.

UCB/UCLA: High Match
Pomona: High Match due to low acceptance rate
Stanford: Reach (for all applicants)

Congratulations on being number one in your class, that’s quite an accomplishment. If possible, you should try to improve your standardized test scores. If I remember correctly Stanford is one of only a few schools that is going to want to see all your test scores. Being a Pacific Islander probably will not help much with admissions unless your family background is such that you have had to overcome obstacles at home. You have participated in a fair number of ECs but it’s not clear how impactful you’ve been. Schools at the level of Pomona or Stanford have their pick of applicants with perfect test scores so it’s important that you clearly demonstrate that you know what each college has to offer and that you write the best application possible

UC’s also ask for all test scores and will take the highest score from a single sitting.

I would say you’re a shoe-in for UCs if you’re from California, and even if not, I think you’re chances are still pretty high. I also think that you have a pretty good chance at Dartmouth due to the fact that you are so well rounded and a lot of ECs, but Stanford is always a reach. No one is a shoe-in for Stanford. Your essays will make all the difference.
I would concentrate on being creative and sounding natural in our essay. Nowadays, essays mean everything. Also, I think there is a false conception that a bunch of ECs makes you more attractive. Although it’s good for time management skills, college’s are starting to ccare more about really excelling and being super involved in 2 or 3 activities rather than spreading yourself too thin. So make sure you really focus on what you learned from each activity.
As for USC, you should be good also-- as long as you’re not trying for their theater department.
Make sure your essays are good!

@Gumbymom @Wje9164be @nicoledc15

Wow! Thank you so much for giving your input.

I forgot to add something to my post at the top…

Not sure if this helps a great deal, but I live in Northern California.
Additionally, in the summer following my sophomore year, I enrolled in an online Spanish III course at BYU and received As for both semesters.

In the summer following my junior year, I attended the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes in the topic of Investigations in Bioscience and Biotechnology with my class emphasizing in Evolution for three weeks.
Even if they don’t help for my application, they will definitely help for my essays as I had many memorable experiences through these two activities (mostly the Stanford Camp).

Thank you for your honest commentary1 :-*

Pomona is a reach. It has a 9% acceptance rate compared to 11% for Dartmouth.



Pomona and UCB are going to be tough. Standardized test scores are a little low. You gave it your best shot. Let us know how you make out. Good Luck and hope for the best. USC sounds reasonable. Stanford an ultra reach for all.

Well, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: the UCs are a crap shoot. I have never figured out what they are looking for. Contrary to what @nicoledc15 said, you should not think you are a “shoe-in” [sic]. They seem to vary from year to year whether they focus on in-state [pressure from the Legislature] or out-of-state [revenue], but #1 in your class is a definite plus. I agree with @Wje9164be that you need to improve your test scores [definitely for Stanford & Dartmouth].

One question: are you recruited any these schools for basketball?

Stanford: to close to call. Recruited - in.
Dartmouth: Match. Recruited - in.
Berkeley: you’re getting in.
LA: you’re getting in.
Davis: you’re getting in.
Pomona: Match. Recruited - in.
USC: Match
SD: Match
All UCs- in.

If say you’re in for the UCs and USC. It will be unlikely to be accepted at Stanford, Pomona, and Dartmouth, but status as Pacific Islander could help you out. Good luck!

@AboutTheSame @Gumbymom @preppedparent @Corinthian @nicoledc15 @Wje9164be @row566 @doorrealthe
Hi All! Thank you for your input! Just letting all of you know that I was admitted to UC Davis, UCLA, UC Berkely, UCSD, USC, and Santa Clara University. Unfortunately, I was waitlisted at Pomona and Dartmouth, and was rejected from Stanford. However, it would have been a severe struggle to pay for admission at those places anyways. I received the Regents Scholarship at Davis ($7,500 for tuition and priority class registration and honors classes), a similar scholarship for freshman year at UCLA, and the presidential scholarship at SCU (Full tuition,priority class registration, and honors courses.
As paying for tuition will be fairy challenging, I have narrowed down my choices to Davis, UCLA, and SCU.
A tough decision is ahead. 8->