Chance Me: Public Ivies+Others

<p>I just finished my junior year in high school and the college search is, at the least, extremely daunting. I was hoping you guys could help give me an idea of my chance of admission for the schools I am looking at.</p>

<p>School: I attended a top 100 public school in California for my freshman, sophomore, and upcoming senior year. I chose to go to a boarding military school in Alabama for my junior year, not a result of any disciplinary problems. </p>

<p>Colleges I will be applying to:
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Washington-Seattle
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
UC Santa Barbara
UC Los Angeles
University of Oregon
University of Arizona (Honors College)
Chapman University
Cornell </p>

<p>-Unweighted GPA: 3.74</p>

<p>-Weighted GPA: 3.82</p>

<p>-UC GPA: 3.64 (Weak, I know. Slipped up first semester sophomore year)</p>

<p>-# of AP/IB/honors courses: Psychology (5), will take AP ECON and AP STAT senior year</p>

<p>-class rank/size: School does not rank</p>

<p>-SAT/ACT scores-32 Composite (E-32,M-28,R-32,S-34)</p>

<p>-SAT II scores- 680 Bio, 520 World Hist. (lol, will definitely retake literature in September)</p>

<p>-ECs- 2 letters soccer, 2 letters football (all state kicker), volunteered as a youth soccer coach.</p>

<p>-Will write essays on experience of living in both rural Alabama and suburban California. Will have recommendations from a retired Army colonel and strong recommendations from others.</p>

<p>Almost forgot, I had extensive leadership at military school. I was the highest promoted cadet of the first-year class and was a platoon sergeant (in charge of 14) at the end of the school year.</p>

<p>Appreciate it!</p>

<p>For at least UMich, you'll need to bring you GPA up for a good chance. Most public schools place a lot of weight on GPA. Good luck!</p>