Chance Me Purdue Cybersecurity/CS


  • State/Location of residency: California
  • Type of high school *: Public, did dual-enrollment at community college as well
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity (optional): female, Caucasian
  • Other factors *: first generation American citizen

Intended Major(s): Cybersecurity (at Purdue) computer science (at others, with security focus)

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 4.0
  • Weighted HS GPA *: 4.35 (total GPA)
  • Class Rank: top 20% based on GPA ( attended different school for Fresman/Sophmore year with no honors classes that would translate to a GPA boost at the new school)
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 1440 (debating on submitting)

AP: CS, CS Principles, Physics C: Mechanics, European History, Literature, Government, Macroeconomics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics

Dual Enrollment: CompTIA A+ IT, Intro to Networking, Computer Operating Systems - Windows, Computer Information Systems, CompTIA Security+

Also took CSIS 1100 - Outreach Computing Projects at Southern Utah University

-NSLI-Y scholar for Russian (State Department program for studying abroad to learn a new language and culture)
-National Center for Women in Technology National Honorable Mention and Regional Winner (2020-2021 award cycle)

Not sure if it’s an ‘award’ but applied and was selected to attend GenCyber Warrior Academy at University of Northern Georgia

Extracurriculars etc.
-Competed in CyberPatriot for 4 years, team captain on last year (and starting team at new school this year, online school last year made it unfeasible to start one then)
-ScienceOlympiad for 7 years (compete in 4 events each year, one of which is now cybersecurity since it’s introduction to the regional competition and always place top 20 in at least 3 of my 4 events at the regional level)
-FIRST Robotics team for 2 years
-Organizer/mentor for all girls middle school robotics team
-founder of Women in Technology club at school
-Organized two week long summer camps to teach younger students cybersecurity and programming (‘sponsored’ by an NGO)
-Volunteered for two summers at a STEM camp for Elementary and Middle School students
-Varsity tennis for 3 years
-(also about to get a job at Mathnasium as a math tutor)
-National Honor Society

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Would you prefer a more technical major (CS) or a less technical major that also includes other relevant subjects based on social sciences, business, and communications (cybersecurity, at least how it is defined at Purdue)?

I’ve been leaning towards cyber considering my interests (career and otherwise) and past experiences with cyber/cs. As such, while I would gladly major in CS (likely on a security track), I think I want to apply cybersecurity first to the colleges I can.

Cybersecurity at Purdue is in the Polytechnic Institute. With a 1440 and those grades, you’ll have no problem.

Engineering middle 50% is 1370-1500 so you’re solid there as well. Average is 1432. Your ECs are impressive.

CS is CoS is a harder admit.

Do your research on the 4 year plans of study for each of the programs and be sure you are applying to the program that aligns best with your interests.

Yes, I did, and while I was on the fence I’ve decided on cyber where I can, based on the 4 year plans.

@Ghostmorning If you’re in California, why are you considering Purdue? What’s the draw? California has amazing schools for CS/Cybersecurity.