Chance Me RD to DC

<p>Here is my resume</p>

<p>GPA (weighted)=5.1 Unweighted=4.0
Classrank= 18/458</p>

<p>SAT reading= 780
Writing= 730
Will take SAT II subject tests Math I, US History, and English Literature on October 5</p>

<p>Awards and Honors</p>

<p>AP Scholar with Distinction- 12
Nominated and selected by school for Morehead-Cain Scholarship- 12
A-Honor Role- 9 through 11
National Honor Society- 11, 12
Selected for and attended Governor’s School for Social Science- 11
Poet Laureate-10
Captain of the JV Volleyball team- 10
County's Academic All-Star 2010- 9
Outstanding Achievement Award- Honors English- 9
Top Student Award-Honors Civics & Economics- 9</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular Activities</p>

<p>National Honor Society, member- 11, 12
High school drama club (Head Costumer- 11)- 9, 11, 12
The Human Experience Club, (school volunteer/service club) member- 11, 12
Mu Alpha Theta, (Math honor society) member- 11
Anytown ( an NCCJ run organization to fight bias bigotry and racism) Ambassador to high school- 11,12
Alternate Council Member on Principal's Council- 11
Art Club, member- 10
Delegate to State Junior Classical League Convention- 10
Junior Classical League, member- 9,10
Invisible Children Club, member -9
Sierra Club, Secretary- 9</p>


<p>Varsity Tennis- 12
JV Volleyball (Captian- 10)- 9, 10</p>

<p>Community and Volunteer Service Activities</p>

<p>Anytown Anyday Facilitator, undergoing training currently- 12
Anytown Ambassador- 11,12
NCCJ Youth Leadership Conference, Facilitator and Anytown Ambassador- 11
Volunteer with Kids Voting, ran booth- 11
Volunteer at nursing homes, assisted friend in getting Girl Scout Gold Award- 11
Attended Anytown as Delegate – 10
Volunteered at City Police run camp for kids to teach them how to be safe as instructor- 9, 11
Volunteer at soup kitchen- 9, 10
Volunteered/ senior volunteer, recruited and coordinated other volunteers for American Heart Ass. Heart Walk – 9, 10</p>

<p>Work History</p>

<p>Church Nursery Attendent, Head Attendant (3 hours a week)- 10 through 12
Babysitter year-round, Nanny in the summer(1 hour a week)- 9 through 12</p>

<p>Forgot to add, I’m a white female going into my senior year of high school in North Carolina. I’ve taken AP Stats, AP World, AP English Lang, AP Environmental, AP US History, and AP Psychology. I made 5’s on all of these exams. This year I am taking AP Human Geography, AP Gov, AP English Lit, AP Bio, AP Calculus, IB Philosophy and have high A’s in all of these classes currently.</p>

<p>I think you have an excellent chance for Dietrich (I’m assuming that’s what DC is). One thing. Like so many of the really selective colleges and universities, CMU wants to get a feeling that if they admit you, that you will come. You can demonstrate this in many of the usual ways: keep in touch with your admissions counselor, visit if that’s feasible.
Good luck to you. Your HS achievements are tremendous.</p>