Chance me REA!

-Residency: Maryland
-Senior (Class of 2012)
-Asian (Chinese)
-Intended Major: Chemistry </p>


GPA: UW: 4.0 W: 4.76
Class Rank: Not official yet but most likely within top 10% of class
SAT: 2370 - 1st time (CR: 770; M: 800; W: 800 with essay subscore 12)
*SAT Subject tests: *
-Chinese with Listening 790
-US History 770
-Chemistry 800
-Physics 800
-Biology M 780
-Math Lvl II 760
*AP: *
-All 5's: US History, US Govt, World History, Chemistry, Biology, Physics Mech, Stats, Calc AB, Eng Lang, Chinese (total 10 AP's so far)
-Taking 3 more AP's senior year: Eng Lit, Calc C, Physics E/M </p>


*Science Olympiad/Olympiad *
-2nd Place Chemistry Lab, 2nd Place Microbe Mission, 2nd Place Forensics for Tiger Invitational Science Olympiad Tournament (2011)
-2nd Place Dynamic Planet for Central Maryland Regional Science Olympiad Tournament (2011)
-1st Place Dynamic Planet, 2nd Place Chemistry Lab for Maryland State Science Olympiad Tournament (2011)
-1st Place Remote Sensing, 1st Place Technical Problem Solving for Maryland Science Olympiad Tournament (2010)
-Team A Member/Events Captain 2009-2012
-President 2011-2012
-Attended National Science Olympiad Tournament 2010</p>

-Nominated into 2011 All Eastern Honors Orchestra
-Nominated into 2010 American High School Honors Performance Series (Symphonic Orchestra) at Carnegie Hall
-Accepted into Maryland All State Senior Orchestra: Top Ten 2010; Top Six 2011
-Accepted into Maryland All State Junior Orchestra: Top Six 2009
-Member of County Gifted and Talented Orchestra, Principal Violin II 2009; Violin 1 2009 - present (always within top 4 chairs)
-Member of High School String Orchestra 2009 - 2012</p>

-Passed all Trinity Guildhall Piano Diploma Examinations Grades 1-8 with Merit or Distinction
-Passed the Trinity Associate Music Diploma Examination (ATCL) - equivalent to the performance component of first year in full time undergraduate course at a conservatoire
-Won numerous awards (1st/2nd/3rd/Honorable Mention) at state piano competitions
-Passed Maryland State Piano Examination with "A" grade </p>

<p>Chemathon Team
-Cofounder and President 2011
-Will compete in Chemathon Spring of 2012 </p>

<p>Chess Club
-Vice President 2010-2012
-Coordinate school competitions </p>

<p>Math Team
-Team A member </p>

<p>Speech and Debate Team
-Founder/President 2008-2009 (freshman year)
-Promoted to Varsity Team mid year
-Quit after freshman year due to time constraints/desire to pursue more interesting extracurriculars (Science olympiad) </p>


-Student Opportunity for Assistance and Review (SOAR) - tutor 2010-2011, Executive Board 2011-2012
-Community Recitals - organize recitals (6 person ensemble) and perform solos for various events at senior retirement homes and at church; accompany (violin) County Chinese School Adult Choir for their Chinese New Years' Performance at Strathmore Music Center
-Food on the 15th Community Organization (Bread Coordinator) - Organize bread donations from local grocery stores and coordinate drivers to pick up donations and drop them off at senior assisted living facilities
-County Chinese Youth Orchestra - Conductor 2010-2011 - Planned and led weekly 2 hour rehearsals, organize sectionals/private lessons as needed. Orchestra had 60+ members </p>


-Intern at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - Department of biochemical engineering - Investigating how properties of extracellular matrices (specifically collagen films) affect cellular behavior - focusing specifically on cellular responses related to signals that occur downstream of mechanical factors (1. cell generated forces and 2. mechanical stiffness of the extracellular matrix).
-Private Violin Teacher - Have 5 students between ages of 6 and 15; help students qualify for Gifted and Talented Orchestras and Maryland All State Orchestras
-Johns Hopkins' Center for Talented Youth (CTY): Studied History of Disease, Chemistry, and Physics </p>


-United States National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) National Finalist; Honors Award (Top 152 USNCO scores in nation) (2011)
-USNCO National Finalist, 2nd top score in Maryland Local Section (2010)
-Member of National Honor Society
-Howard County Middle School Science Fair Judge
-National AP Scholar
-US National Chinese Youth Culture Knowledge Contest National Finalist
-Le Grand Concours Certificat de Reussite (French Lvl 2 and 3)
-Numerous Department awards (school) in all categories/years - english, social studies, science, math, music </p>


<p>Please chance me - Stanford is my 1st choice and I'll probably be applying REA here.
Comments/Suggestions/Advice/Critiques are also welcome.</p>


<p>I only have on thing to say… WOW!! Lol.</p>

<p>Wow, very very high chance of getting in unless your essays are terrible which they probably won’t be.</p>

<p>Your resume looks exactly like my friend’s in highschool. Except he is Indian and was ranked number 1 in the school… sadly he was denied =&lt;/p>

<p>All I can say is holy ____. Complete blank with word of your choice.</p>

<p>do you go to walter johnson?</p>

<p>Are you human!?!?!</p>

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<p>Looks good. But you say you are in top 10% of your class with your grades? Even with a 4.0 UW GPA?</p>

<p>I don’t know how you can stand Remote Sensing. Had to do it one year for Sci Oly, and somehow got 4th at states. Kudos. :-)</p>

<p>Are you going to send an Arts Supplement? Seems that would be a good way to back up your music credentials.</p>

<p>You have a great application. It just might be hard to fit everything in there, heh. Good luck!</p>

<p>@pocket - no </p>

<p>@shayon - yes our school is rather competitive lol. I’m guessing within top 10 ranks right now but I can’t be sure. I only did remote sensing my soph year and don’t plan on doing that event again lol. It’s soo highly unpredictable…</p>

<p>Yes I will be sending in an arts supplement (violin CD) - i quit piano earlier this year =/ </p>

<p>thanks for your comments!</p>

<p>1 question - should i not include clubs like chess club or math team where I didn’t do much…??</p>

<p>For chess club, at least you have a leadership position which shows some involvement. You can probably drop the Math Team though unless you have significant awards to show for it.</p>